Half of all U.S. governors support Texas after SCOTUS border ruling, DeSantis's 'self-defense' view --Abbott said Texas would continue to "deploy this razor wire to repel illegal immigration." | 26 Jan 2024 | Governors mostly from conservative states all over the U.S. are expressing solidarity with Texas after Gov. Greg Abbott asserted the state's right to "self defense" amid the border crisis. Abbott received the support Thursday of all but one of the nation's Republican state governors in his feud with the Biden regime over border security, according to the New York Post. Governors from 25 states signed onto a joint statement in support of Abbott and the Lone Star State's "constitutional right to self-defense" the Post also reported... Governors from Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, Utah, Alabama, Idaho, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee posted their support for Abbott and Texas.

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