Governor pledges to ship razor wire to Texas if Biden stops Abbott --Noem says governors are commanders-in-chief, too | 25 Jan 2024 | A Republican governor of an interior state pledged to drive in razor wire on the border herself if Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is stopped by Joe Biden or federal forces from retaining operational control of a park in Eagle Pass. Meanwhile, the U.S. congressman who represents the area warned Biden would be an "idiot" to commence a standoff or worse with Texas National Guard members now using the park, as parallels were drawn to the last instance of National Guard federalization 67 years ago. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem told Fox News that Abbott is doing the right thing by standing firm after a Supreme Court ruling in which two conservative justices sided with the liberals to vacate a lower court's order preventing U.S. Border Patrol agents from accessing the park, which has reportedly been a high-traffic illegal migrant arcade... "I'll drive in more razor wire from South Dakota if I have to, for [Abbott] to do his job," Noem told America Reports.

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