Arizona GOP Chairman Resigns After Leaked Audio Relaying Alleged 'Bribe' From 'Powerful People' to Stop Kari Lake | 24 Jan 2024 | Jeff DeWit, chair of the Arizona Republican Party who is at the center of controversial leaked audio allegedly attempting to "bribe" Kari Lake into backing down -- which even alludes to veiled threats from "powerful people" -- is resigning from his position, citing an ultimatum from Lake's team, which is threatening to release more audio of private conversations. In a statement released Wednesday, DeWit essentially confirmed the authenticity of the audio, although he called it "selectively edited." Throughout the lengthy statement, he expressed more outrage toward Lake -- who he said was employed by his private company -- for recording their private conversation than for what was actually said, and he claimed that his discussion was "transparent" and "intended to offer perspective, not coercion." However, throughout the audio recording, DeWit made it abundantly clear that the conversation "never happened," which seemingly debunks his claims of transparency.

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