New York, California, other blue states succeed in altering 2020 census numbers, report says | 21 Jan 2024 | Democratic-run states such as New York and Illinois are increasing 2020 census numbers after successfully asking for a review of the once-a-decade population survey that helps determine federal funding distribution as the states struggle with population losses. The distribution of the population of California is also being changed following a review, The Associated Press reported Thursday. That report notes "the once-a-decade census produces population figures that help determine political power and the annual distribution of $2.8 trillion in federal funding...Nearly 200 requests for reviews were filed by tribal, local and state governments for the 2020 census." The updates can be used in future population estimates through the rest of the decade to determine federal funding, but the new information cannot be used to redraw political districts or alter the number of congressional seats each state received during the post-census apportionment process.

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