Death by Diversity: FAA launches recruitment campaign for workers with 'severe intellectual' disabilities, psychiatric problems and physical issues to hit woke DEI targets --The FAA is recruiting people with specific disabilities under a new diversity drive --The initiative is part of the broader "Diversity and Inclusion" plan by the agency --Critics were concerned about safety, while the FAA noted diversity's importance | 14 Jan 2024 | The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for recruits with 'severe intellectual' disabilities as it tries to hit woke DEI targets. The agency is hunting people with psychiatric issues and other mental and physical conditions in its latest diversity drive. The FAA, which includes jobs such as air traffic controllers, are keen to employ those with hearing and vision impairments, missing limbs, partial and complete paralysis. Such a broad recruitment is all part of what the FAA term its "Diversity and Inclusion" hiring plan. The FAA states on its website how individuals with "severe" mental and physical disabilities represent an under-represented segment of the federal workforce.

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