'I Googled It': Air Traffic Controller Dragged for Telling Veteran Pilot How to Land | 11 Jan 2024 | An air traffic controller has been harshly criticized for telling a veteran pilot that she knew better than he did about how to land the plane because she "Googled it." Brenda Mooney, an air traffic controller at Denton Enterprise Airport in Texas, was reportedly caught on a recording advising the pilot, who said he had been flying for 15 years, with her Google-derived information... A petition was launched to get Mooney removed from her position. One commenter on the YouTube video of the incident stated, "Been flying for 25 years, 3000 hrs. Never had a controller expect a short approach to mean 'turn base at the numbers.' That's absurd." [Michael Rectenwald is correct: "death by diversity" is surely at hand.]

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