Pentagon report finds failure to track $1 billion in weaponry for Ukraine --Nearly 40,000 pieces of highly sensitive military equipment were not adequately inventoried, a new report has concluded | 11 Jan 2024 | More than $1 billion worth of sophisticated weaponry sent to Ukraine by the U.S. was poorly tracked, according to a new report by the Pentagon's inspector general. The redacted version of the inquiry's findings was made public on Thursday, one day after it was submitted to the U.S. Congress. The investigation focuses on the implementation of enhanced end-use monitoring (EEUM) procedures by the Pentagon. These procedures apply to a limited range of highly sensitive and sophisticated equipment and weaponry, including shoulder-mounted missile systems, kamikaze drones, night-vision devices, and other hardware. According to the report, the U.S. and its partner nations have supplied Ukraine with an estimated $1.699 billion worth of EEUM-designated hardware... As of June 2, 2023, approximately 59% of the total value, just over $1 billion, remained improperly tracked.

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