Democrats fume after Biden orders Yemen airstrikes without congressional approval: 'Unacceptable violation of the Constitution' | 11 Jan 2024 | Several Democrats on Capitol Hill scolded Joe Biden Thursday for launching airstrikes against Houthi targets in Yemen without congressional approval, arguing that the action was unconstitutional. "The President needs to come to Congress before launching a strike against the Houthis in Yemen and involving us in another middle east (sic) conflict," Rep. Ro Khanna posted on X. "That is Article I of the Constitution. I will stand up for that regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House." "Section 2C of the War Powers Act is clear: POTUS may only introduce the US into hostilities after Congressional authorization or in a national emergency when the U.S. is under imminent attack," the California Democrat went on. "Reporting is not a substitute. This is a retaliatory, offensive strike." Echoing Khanna, Rep. Val Hoyle (D-Ore.) posted, "These airstrikes have NOT been authorized by Congress. The Constitution is clear: Congress has the sole authority to authorize military involvement in overseas conflicts. Every president must first come to Congress and ask for military authorization, regardless of party."

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