More mRNA "vaccine" fallout: Flight attendant reportedly dies in front of passengers before takeoff --This is the 2nd crew member death British Airways has suffered | 4 Jan 2024 | Horrified passengers on a British Airways flight shockingly witnessed a flight attendant die as the plane was about to take off from London, according to British news reports. A flight was about to depart London's Heathrow Airport on New Year's Eve for Hong Kong when the 52-year-old flight attendant tragically collapsed on the plane, The Sun reported. The plane's doors had already been locked and passengers were sitting in their seats when the unidentified crew member collapsed. The captain reportedly requested anyone on the flight with medical experience to assist the crew member, but despite assistance from a passenger, medical professionals and police, the crew member died. The flight was canceled due to a "medical emergency," The Sun reported... This is the second British Airways flight attendant to die in recent weeks, following the death of another crew member, also aged 52, on Dec. 23 in the U.S.

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