Venezuela Rejects Arrival of British Military Ship HMS Trent | 28 Dec 2023 | On Thursday, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil issued a statement rejecting the arrival of a British Navy ship to the coasts near Guyana. The Bolivarian diplomacy considered that this act constitutes a provocation affecting the resolution of the Essequibo controversy between Venezuela and Guyana. A statement issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry said, in part: "The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the arrival of the HMS Trent, a vessel from the British Navy, to the coasts of Guyana, which becomes an act of hostile provocation and a violation of the recent Argyle Declaration, assumed as a roadmap to address the territorial controversy over Guayana Esequiba between Venezuela and Guyana. The presence of the military vessel is extremely serious, since it is accompanied by statements made by political and military spokespersons of the dispossessor of Guayana Esequiba, who insists on meddling in this controversy."

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