Biden's America: Texas man and his friend head-stomp and beat frail Alzheimer's sufferer who got confused and mistook their car for his daughter's --The pair proceeding to stomp the senior's head against the concrete several times. --The victim, who weighs less than 100 pounds, remains hospitalized with a pronounced black eye | 30 Dec 2023 | Frightening footage shows the moment a 67-year-old man was brutally accosted in a Houston parking lot after getting confused and mistaking his attackers' car for his daughter's. The victim attacked in the clip has since been identified as Florentino Hurtado, who relatives said was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's two years ago. The men seen carrying out the beating - which happened Saturday outside a local meat market - are believed to be Trayvion Lockridge and Derodrick Stephens, who are both in police custody following the assault. The pair - allegedly seen bombarding the senior with blows before stomping him to the ground - are being held on charges of aggravated robbery of a victim over the age of 65.

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