John Lennon Actor Lenn Johnston Acts for Peace in Times Square --"WAR IS GONE!" Billboard Urges Action | 30 Dec 2023 | In a powerful action against wars of all kinds, esteemed John Lennon actor Lenn Johnston unveils his latest Peace initiative in Times Square, in revival of Lennon's 1970 Peace Campaign. This weekend, Lenn shares Peace Cards to be waved by the people in the crowd on New Year's Eve for their billion-or-so viewers. Many around the world might participate in Peace efforts, if encouraged by those gathered live. Every 15 minutes, the Peace Billboard appears; those with Peace Cards can then wave them overhead. Lenn provides these free cards in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, near 43rd & Broadway, and encourages everyone to work for Peace in 2024. Lenn's iconic Billboard, proclaiming "WAR IS GONE! – If you halt it," stands as a beacon in turbulent times, advocating the end to the many forms of large-scale violence plaguing our world.

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