A Gen Z Israeli explained why he's refusing to fight Hamas. Now Israel has sent him to military prison | 28 Dec 2023 | A Gen Z Israeli is going to military prison after refusing to enlist in the country's military amid its war with Hamas, saying he won't be part of an "eye for an eye" cycle of violence. Tal Mitnick, an 18-year-old from Tel Aviv, is one of several young Israelis defying Israel's mandatory military service, but he is the first to be sent to military prison during his country's war with Hamas... Mitnick was sentenced on Tuesday to 30 days in prison after refusing to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces, a spokesperson for the IDF told Business Insider. In a lengthy personal statement shared with Business Insider, Mitnick said that he supports Palestinian people and does not want to contribute to Israel's attacks on Gaza.

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