DOJ threatens to sue Texas over anti-illegal immigration law; Abbott prepared for Supreme Court fight | 28 Dec 2023 | The Biden administration on Thursday threatened to sue Texas if it moves forward with a new anti-illegal immigration law signed this month by Gov. Greg Abbott - but the Republican governor says he is prepared to take the fight to the Supreme Court. Abbott signed the legislation, SB 4, this month, which allows law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants and allows state judges to order them removed from the country. In a letter to Abbott, first reported by the Houston Chronicle, the Department of Justice says it will "pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government." The letter says that the law "intrudes into a field that is occupied by the federal government and is preempted," citing a 2012 Supreme Court ruling, U.S. v Arizona, which found that the federal government has the power to enforce immigration law, according to the outlet.

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