Everyone hates Zelensky and his WEF/Nazi dictatorship: Ukrainians tell MP they would give up citizenship to avoid conscription --Some 74% of men and 65% of women said they would opt to hand over their passports in Facebook surveys | 19 Dec 2023 | A majority of Ukrainians responding to a Facebook poll by a leading lawmaker have said they would be willing to renounce their citizenship in order to avoid being drafted into the military. In a series of Facebook posts on Monday, Mariana Bezuglaya, an MP from President Vladimir Zelensky’s ruling party, initially asked female followers if they would give up their Ukrainian passports to avoid potential forced mobilization to “rear positions” in the military industry. Even though the lawmaker emphasized that frontline combat positions are currently out of the question for women, some 65% of the more than 3,800 respondents said they would renounce their citizenship rather than take the risk.

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