Russia wants to improve ties with NATO, not fight – Putin --Moscow has no fundamental disputes with Western countries, but they insist on confrontation, the president has said | 17 Dec 2023 | Russia does not have the slightest reason to attack NATO, President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that the US-led military bloc is well aware that Moscow has no plans to do so. In an interview with Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin aired on Sunday, Putin was asked to comment on remarks by Joe Biden, who said earlier this month that Moscow might attack the alliance if it prevails in the Ukraine conflict. The Russian leader dismissed his American counterpart's speculation as "nonsense." "I think that President [sic] Biden understands that this is just a figure of speech to justify his misguided Russian policy,” he said, explaining that he does not believe Moscow's "strategic defeat" would be in the interests of the U.S.

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