Breaking: Car smashes into Biden motorcade - president is bundled away by Secret Service as agents draw guns on driver outside Delaware campaign HQ | 17 Dec 2023 | The tight security that surrounds President [sic] Biden and his wife was breached in spectacular fashion on Sunday night after a car collided with part of the presidential  motorcade that was parked up in Wilmington, Delaware. In what could be sheer coincidence [!], the crash occurred at the very moment Biden was walking out of a building and onto the sidewalk to get into his own armored car. The crash appeared to come out of the blue and saw the Secret Service hurriedly bundle Biden into his own armored vehicle. Meanwhile, armed agents drew their weapons on the driver who had rammed into the SUV that was being used to close down a street while Biden had been attending a nearby campaign event. The president and the First Lady had just emerged from the Biden-Harris 2024 headquarters in downtown Wilmington just after 8pm when the collision happened.

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