Comer says special counsel indicted Hunter Biden to 'protect him' from House GOP investigation | 8 Dec 2023 | House Oversight Chair James Comer told CNN's Jake Tapper on Friday he believes special counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden to shield him from his scheduled deposition next week in front of Comer’s committee. "My concern is that Weiss may have indicted Biden to protect him from him having to be deposed in the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday," Comer said on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper. Comer then went further, arguing that Weiss's entire criminal investigation - which has now indicted Biden in two states and could send him to prison for more than 40 years - "has been about a cover up." The Kentucky Republican framed the dozen federal charges brought against Biden so far, relating to a 2018 gun purchase and an alleged tax evasion scheme, as "the least little thing." "Look what he's done," Comer said. "Anybody else in America would already be in prison."

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