UNLV mass shooter mailed 'white powder' to 22 university scholars before rampage, carried list of targets | 7 Dec 2023 | The scorned professor who [allegedly] slaughtered three University of Las Vegas faculty members also sent 22 letters containing laced white powder to collegiate scholars across the country before Wednesday's shooting rampage, police said. Anthony Polito, 67, surreptitiously dropped off the envelopes at a nearby post office without bearing a return address before he headed to the UNLV campus and unleashed a deadly shooting after he was turned down for a job. "I learned that in the screening of those envelopes that we were able to intercept - after going through 14,000 pieces of mail and identifying the 22 that were sent - the first letter that we opened had an unknown white powder substance in it," Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill said at a Thursday press conference.

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