Zelensky abruptly cancels U.S. Senate appeal --The meeting descended into partisan squabbling after the Ukrainian leader unexpectedly decided not to appear | 6 Dec 2023 | Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky abruptly canceled a briefing with U.S. senators and White House officials on Tuesday due to a "last-minute" snag, according to a high-ranking Democrat. The sit-down then became heated, as lawmakers shifted their focus to the debate over U.S. border policy and continued aid to Kiev. Zelensky's team called off the virtual appearance just moments before it was set to go ahead, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, noting that something had come up for the leader without elaborating. Administration officials were expected to offer updates on a massive military aid package for Israel and Ukraine currently under negotiations in Congress, which the White House has repeatedly urged lawmakers to pass. [Yeah, the "last-minute" snag is the fact that Russia has won the war.]

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