Was That John Lennon We Spotted in Times Square? | 6 Dec 2023 | Lenn Johnston, the world's #1 John Lennon actor-musician, appears in Times Square this week advocating for peace. His Christmas billboard message "WAR IS GONE! - if you halt it" appears high above 43rd and Broadway, giving homage to John Lennon, known for his peace activism. Lennon's 1970 "WAR IS OVER! - if you want it" billboard campaign in Times Square at 43rd and Broadway was a celebrated Christmastime effort to promote peace. On the afternoon of December 8, on the anniversary of John Lennon's death, Lenn Johnston revives Lennon's spirit. Appearing in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, he will sing and spread his message of ending war forever. Lenn engages people with his humour, music, souvenir cards, and knowledgeable steps toward peace.

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