UK special forces secretly operated in Ukraine - report --A new book alleges that Western commandos were on the ground in Kiev | 6 Dec 2023 | British special forces operators were embedded with Ukrainian troops in the early days of the conflict, Declassified UK reported on Wednesday, citing the newly published book by Polish journalist Zbigniew Parafianowicz. Parafianowicz is the Ukraine correspondent for the Polish daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (DGP). His latest work, Polska na Wojnie (Poland at War), examines Warsaw's role in the neighboring conflict. According to Declassified, at one point, a Polish government minister - who is not named - told Parafianowicz about a time in March 2022 when he was traveling from Kiev to Zhitomir. "It was a time when the Russians were still standing in Bucha, and the route was a gray zone. It was possible to run into Russians. We passed the last checkpoint. The Ukrainians told us that we continue at our own risk," the unnamed minister reportedly said. "Well, and who did we meet next? Ukrainian soldiers and...British special forces. Uniformed. With weapons." According to Parafianowicz's source, the British and the Ukrainians worked together, driving around the countryside with artillery tracking radars, "learning about this war."

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