EU warns of Christmas terror attacks | 5 Dec 2023 | The European Union (EU) faces a "huge risk" of terrorist attacks over the Christmas holiday period in a society increasingly polarized by the Israel-Hamas war, the bloc's home affairs commissioner has said. The warning, issued by EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson, comes days after a German-Filipino tourist was fatally stabbed in Paris. The suspect, a 26-year-old Frenchman who reportedly comes from a non-religious Iranian family, is said to have made reference to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS [I-CIA-SIS]) group during the attack. Two other people also sustained injuries after being struck with a hammer. "With the war between Israel and Hamas, and the polarization it causes in our society, with the upcoming holiday season, there is a huge risk of terrorist attacks in the European Union," Johansson told reporters on Tuesday ahead of meeting with EU interior ministers in Brussels.

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