IDF raided Al-Shifa hospital despite uncovering Hamas HQ miles away - media | 24 Nov 2023 | The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) raided Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital complex, insisting Hamas was using the healthcare facility as its "terror headquarters," despite having uncovered the militant group’s actual headquarters just days earlier, Consortium News reported on Thursday. The outlet's report cited a Jerusalem Post story published ahead of the controversial raid detailing how the IDF had discovered Hamas’ underground high command center – five miles (8.5km) away from the hospital. The IDF nevertheless went ahead with the assault on Al-Shifa, continuing to insist that the complex hid Hamas' central base of operations without mentioning the discovery it had made days before. The actual Hamas "pit" headquarters was reportedly accessible via an unusually deep (30 meters, or 98 feet) elevator shaft opening into an underground cavern outfitted with oxygen, air conditioning, and advanced communications technology, which bore signs of recent use

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