Two terror suspects drove car at 100mph toward Rainbow Bridge's second checkpoint before going airborne and crashing into fireball --Buffalo airport closes and FBI shuts all four U.S.-Canada land crossings | 22 Nov 2023 | The vehicle that exploded on Rainbow Bridge after hurtling into America from Canada this morning flew through the air at high speed before bursting into flames next to an immigration checkpoint. It remains unconfirmed if the incident was a terror attack. The FBI Terrorism Task Force is investigating and Fox News cites law enforcement sources who say the intention was a larger attack, but officials are yet to confirm the motive. Two men who had been traveling in the vehicle both died in the explosion. Their identities remain unknown and there were no other serious injuries. A suitcase was found inside the vehicle but it remains unconfirmed whether there were any explosives inside. Video obtained by MSNBC shows the moment the vehicle became airborne, seconds before the explosion. A second video shows the moment of impact and explosion.

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