U.S. Approves Another $100 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine Despite Congress Impasse --U.S. taxpayers have wasted $40 billion in UkraineĀ  - where dictator Zelensky has cancelled elections and banned all opposition - since February 2022, and Russia has already won.| 20 Nov 2023 | The United States on Monday approved another $100 million in military aid to [the Nazi dictatorship in] Ukraine as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited, despite an impasse in Congress in approving wider funding. "I announced today another $100 million drawdown using presidential drawdown authority to provide additional artillery munitions, additional interceptors for air defense and a number of anti-tank weapons as well," Austin told reporters in Kyiv. In Washington, the State Department said the assistance includes three million rounds of small-arms ammunition and equipment for HIMARS precision rocket launchers.