These 70 Republicans Just Rewarded the FBI With New Headquarters Worth $375 Million | 10 Nov 2023 | On the day that the DOJ announced arrests related to a brothel that focused on political clients, these 70 Republicans voted to give the FBI brand new headquarters. Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz moved to defund plans for the new office building with an amendment to the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act for 2024. House Democrats were unanimous in opposing the Gaetz proposal and were joined by 70 Republicans. Gaetz's proposal failed 273 to 145 in a Wednesday vote, the same day the Justice Department unveiled three arrests over a "sophisticated high-end brothel" ring operating in Virginia and Massachusetts. Despite decades of misconduct revealing an agency politicized beyond repair on behalf of Democrats dispatched to prosecute political opponents, House Republicans have given the FBI a multi-million-dollar new complex to interfere in foreseeable elections.

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