Donald Trump attorney Alina Habba tears into 'unhinged' Judge Arthur Engoron for going 'red' in the face, slamming the table and telling her to sit down --Habba said 'red-faced' judge 'yelled' at her and tried to 'silence' her client --Trump called prosecuting attorney general Letitia James a 'hack' | 6 Nov 2023 | President Donald Trump's attorney Alina Habba called Judge Arthur Engoron "unhinged" for slamming the table during the former president's testimony and "yelling" at her to sit down. In an impassioned defense of her client outside court Habba claimed Judge Engoron believed Trump committed fraud before "we even walked into this courtroom." Trump is accused in the $250million civil fraud trial in New York of inflating his net worth and property values in order to secure loans on favorable terms [even though the loan was repaid and there was no injured party]. During a break in proceedings Habba stood outside the court building and railed against the judge, describing his face "going red" when Trump was on the witness stand. She accused the judge of wanting to "silence" Trump during his answers to questions about his business empire and the value of Mar-a-Lago... The lawyer added: "I'm seeing such a demise of (the) American judicial system and democracy. The judge doesn't like when President Trump explains what actually happened because it's not good for his narrative." She said the judge "clearly has an issue" and "if you've seen his behavior with me, his behavior with the president today, he has a clear issue with facts that are not good for the case."