The 'Great Reset': Obama to push 'inclusive capitalism' at 15th reunion weekend | 3 Nov 2023 |Former President Obama on Friday will issue a call to action on "inclusive capitalism" as he kicks off a reunion weekend in Chicago that will reunite 2,500+ Obama alumni on the 15th anniversary of his historic election as America's first black president. At the Obama Foundation's second-annual Democracy Forum, the former president will call for "a new economic framework that addresses inequality and prepares citizens for the coming changes in how we live and work that reaches a higher purpose beyond material consumption," according to a preview for Axios. "President Obama will assess upcoming global economic crises [purposely created by and for the elites at the World Economic Forum] and deteriorating democratic foundations, and promote the need to bolster active citizenship, redesign social safety nets, and encourage more private investment in the common good," the preview says. "The time has come to confront the greatest challenge of our time, and our sole path to success lies in empowering each other to make a difference in the world."

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