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U.S. 'obviously' blew up Nord Stream - French politician

U.S. 'obviously' blew up Nord Stream - French politician --Norway also had a profit motive to join the alleged American plot, Florian Philippot has claimed | 17 March 2023 | French political party leader Florian Philippot believes it has long been obvious that the U.S. was behind last year's sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, which were built to deliver Russian natural gas to Western Europe. "Even before the war in Ukraine, the US for years fought against Nord Stream, it was a permanent part of their policy," he told RIA Novosti in an interview published on Friday. "In early February 2022, [Joe] Biden said the Americans could make it so that the pipeline was no more. That's what happened. And it was in the interest of the Americans," according to Philippot, who heads the right-wing The Patriots party in France... Philippot also urged France to leave NATO, saying the military alliance "needs to be disbanded because it has no reason to exist." "We have to stop this agenda of world war against Russia and China, it is absolutely insane," he told the Russian news outlet, blaming the U.S. for increasing global tensions.