I was proud to be part of the large group that gathered in Tallahassee to PROCLAIM rather than protest that this WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! It was inspiring to stand shoulder to shoulder with young, old, and shades of red and yellow, black and white and pledge that we will work together to return democracy to our state and nation by insuring that necessary election and voting reform is implemented and that those who elected will truly be our representatives!

One poignant statement was made by the President of the NAACP: that now the NAACP is the national association for the advancement of people of ALL colors! The speakers for both NOW and the AFL-CIO were also motivational in reinforcing the committment to work towards 2002 to NEVER AGAIN allow votes of American citizens NOT to be counted and a president selected rather than elected by the people!

The only interference was an airplane circling with a banner that read; "Florida loves JEB" to which boos and hisses were issued and the speaker aroused the spirit of the crowd by pledging that efforts would be successful in making JEB look for a different job in 2002!

One woman had a wonderful Statue of Liberty costume and there were many creative signs and slogans. 'One Nation Under Fraud." CTL-ALT- DLT, Supreme Coup, Cut the Bushes.

I am so glad that I made the trip as participating and seeing so many others with passion brightened what otherwise was a sad day trying to watch a coronation of a court annoited King of America. Being part of what happened today in Tallahasse reaffirmed that their is hope for making truth out of 'All men (and women) are created equal" and observing the political awakening of average, hard working Americans to the fact that the time has come to make sure our government is one of the people, for the people, and by the people. Our votes must elect those that will best represent the wants and needs of the majority.

There is much work ahead, but united we can make the necessary changes to control the power of corporate America and those who seek political position for personal gain at the expense of the average American's tax dollar. America was never intended to have a royal family, not at its founding, and NOT now as we begin a new millennium!




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