I can hardly keep my eyes open, so this may be a little (or more than a little) disjointed. I just returned from Seattle protest events. It's nearly two hours to Seattle from my house, and I didn't arrive until early in the afternoon. So I missed the last night's and this morning activities (a candlelight vigil, Funeral for Democracy, March to Save our Children's Heritage and Funeral Procession).

I did, however arrive on time for the rally and march. It was a wonderful and diverse crowd - all sorts of folks from youngsters, folks in their retirement years, kids, dogs, folks in professional dress, folks in colorful attire, and to the amusement of many, a guy dressed in a paper bag (that's it) with Bush quotes on the front and back of his bag. I was a drizzly day in the 40s - not exactly shorts weather. Many creative signs and banners as well as a lot Nader/LaDuke and Gore/Lieberman signs (and a number of Re-elect Gore in 2004 signs). Several other minority parties were also represented.

We marched from Westlake Center (downtown Seattle) to the Federal Building, circled the Federal Building (a city block) holding hands and waving our signs and banners, and then marched back to Westlake Center. I alternated between fighting back tears and crying on and off all afternoon. It was a great crowd and powerful experience. I would *guess* that there were at least 2,000 - 3,000 people - but that's only a guess. There could have easily been more.

The cops were well behaved (and so was the crowd) as far as I could tell). There were maybe 10 motorcycle cops, 10 bicycle cops and a couple of cop cars. They were mellow - which was a relief after the WTO fiasco in November 1999.

I went out to dinner at a Senegalese restaurant and then attempted to find the evening forum on voter's rights and election reform. After about 40 minutes of driving around and many wrong turns down busy one-way streets, this small town gal finally gave up and went home.



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