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Republicans officially renominate Donald Trump for president

Breaking: Republicans officially renominate Donald Trump for president | 24 Aug 2020 | Republicans officially selected President Trump to be their party's nominee on Monday, setting up a general election battle against Democratic nominee Joe Biden. President Trump made a surprise appearance in the convention hall in Charlotte, N.C., where he touted the administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic and said he'd rebuild the economy to where it was before the "plague." "We're getting ready to do things like nobody has ever seen before, but the best way to bring unity is success," Trump said... The president said the economy is on pace for a "super V-shaped" recovery and he accused Democrats of trying to keep business closed during the pandemic to hurt him politically. "They want our numbers to look as bad as possible," Trump said. Trump also railed against the expansion of mail voting, calling it the "greatest scam in the history of politics."