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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Transcript of CLG chat with Greg Palast, Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Greg: Hello, compadres, GP here, back from a dinner table argument with a British toff dising the USA. As an American I can do that.

MRectenwald: hi, greg.

lrprice: Hi Mr. Palast ! :)

aliun: Hi Greg! - john vance here - Peoples Bark News Berkeley - online community newsletter.

Greg: Hey john. Is it all Bark? do you ever Bite?

MAGNETMEN: I have LOST my "moderator" status for TrustThePeople-Sacramento.......

Greg: Que es TrustThePeople?

MAGNETMEN: originally from

Jack: Nice to finely speak with you in somewhat real-time, Greg. Jack of Leftwing and here.

Greg: Hey, Jack, what does Leftwing do?

Jack: Leftwing is an old political discussion forum that has been together nearly 5 years. We have quite a collection of influential members in many sectors.

Jack: AmPol, Online Journal, and CommonDreams Editors are just a few of our many members.

Jack: We even have our own Old Catholic Bishop (c;

MRectenwald: watch your shorts, Jack!

Jack: Old Catholic, not Roman Catholic. The Rev is a happily married man.

spacecowboy: Greg, I appreciate the work you did in Florida.

Greg: Thank you, cowboy.

Greg: I used to be a sandwich-sign man in Berkeley, on Telegraph ave, with a whistle and plumed hat.

Greg: The Battle for Peoples Park formed much of my politics.

lrprice: Yes, thank you for all that you do for the pro-democracy movement!

Greg: I was on radio in Florida this week and Black voters began to call in about being scrubbed.

Greg: It was heartbreaking in a way that just looking at the voter lists cannot evoke.

aliun: Yes, thanks so much - Greg - you are the beacon in the darkness and there are many of us right there with you, of course!

MRectenwald: LOL, Really, until Greg gets his encore with the U.S. media, sing on!

Greg: Mike - yo! just got a call from Argentina. They're reading my World Bank documents their nation in my book. Un Escandolo!

MRectenwald: wonderful.

spacecowboy: Why didn't anyone question W. when he condemned the elections in Zimbabwe?

Greg: Space, yeah, I brought up the Zimbabwe game on UK radio - why does Blair sanction Mugabe but not Jeb Bush?

Greg: Have you all bought books for your mothers? Their day is at hand.

MRectenwald: Greg, about the chapter 11 clause of the NAFTA agreement...

MRectenwald: Is this likely to be rolled out to more countries, allowing any corporation on earth to repeal environmental and other laws? what are the prospects?

Greg: You're testing me, Mike: you mean the Necessity Test?

MRectenwald: the clause that allows a company to sue any nation in NAFTA who in any way diminishes their ability to make a profit...

Greg: Yes, the NAFTA rule is likely to roll out across Latin America via FTAA - the Argentines are really scared - and hungry.

MRectenwald: Reversing yet more environmental regulations and controls could be very devastating. What the hell can we do?

Greg: Tell the truth on them. Bush made Bob Zoellick chief Trade Negotiator - a freakin Enron lobbyist!

MRectenwald: Fast-trak could be on-track to put us off-track. I think we need to tie bush to september 11th.

MRectenwald: I'm jesting, but just suggesting how teflon he is right now.

lrprice: Did everyone sign my petition to investigate oddities of 9/11?

MRectenwald: Greg, do you think there is anything to these "oddities" or is this a bad tree to bark up?

Greg: I'm still having no luck getting my story of how Bush quashed the investigation of the bin Ladins before Sept 11.

MRectenwald: can you recap that story in brief for us, greg?

aliun: Greg, is it documented that they went around and picked up how many bin Laden's the day of 9-1-1?

Greg: Don't have the number off hand - about a dozen. The problem: FBI agents thought they included material witnesses.

aliun: Greg, can you talk about the United airlines puts sales from the bank in Germany?

Greg: No one seems to have claimed their loot on the short sales.

aliun: And, what do you think of Israel Jared and the emporer's new clothes and Buzzflash?

Greg: I dig Buzzflash ... never heard of Mr Jared.

Jack: Buzzflash does some great stuff.

aliun: Israel Jared and Check it out, Greg - this guys is all over it!

Greg: My next concern is Venezuela. It looks like the pals of Big Oil are loading their guns for President Chavez.

MRectenwald: Greg, to do what? what do they have in mind?

Greg: Chavez of Venezuela 1)doubled taxes on foreign oil exports and 2) passed a law giving untilled land to the landless. A capital offense against capital.

Greg: The US news media is calling Chavez a 'dictator' - this is a guy who won 70% of the vote - while Dubya's 'proven himself in office' - go figure.

MRectenwald: oh, yes, in retrenchment from the unregulated, untrammeled capitalism that they've seen destroy their economy...

MRectenwald: Anyone who opposes them is a dictator, whilst dictators who agree are "elected."

Greg: I expect a coup in the next three months - Chavez is a crude dissenter from the New World Order. He's as good as dead.

MRectenwald: thanks for the heads-up, Greg, so we know what the hell his assassination will be about. perhaps we'll nuke em.

Jack: So is there any way from stopping this hand dealt to Little Prince Georgie from playing out? Or we all in this for the ride to the bitter end?

Greg: I hate to say, 'read the book' - but my last chapter, Kissing the Whip, is about hope: 'Merkins will only eat so much Bushshit.

SPIRITnm: elections mean squat-no-one can get a hold of the election machines which happen to be proprietary and made in TX.

Jack: We need to start getting as many people as possible involved now in the election process as poll workers and monitors.

Greg: Yep - in Chicago, we never let the machine read the voter machines - poll watchers in every precinct every minute.

Greg: But they're not all that smart. It's a conspiracy of Larry, Moe and Curley Joe. We can outsmart'm.

SPIRITnm: they're all thick as thieves-look at the new stasi tactic where lieberman in charge and they've targeted Carter for speaking out!

spacecowboy: Greg, what do you think about the prison system being the new plantation?

lrprice: A corporate-fascist police-state, to be sure...

aliun: There is a california health bill being considered now that would make it a crime to not be vaccinated or inoculated against possible germ warfare.

aliun: You could be detained indefinitely and have your property confiscated for the public 'good'

SPIRITnm: prison military industrial complex all connected -

aliun: Christian prenti - Michael parenti's son has a great book called Lockdown America - read that if you get the chance!

aliun: Christian Parenti - oops!

Greg: I've read the parenti book - See my material on Wackenhut prison corporation - make you sick.

spacecowboy: I believe ending the drug war is crucial to our survival.

aliun: BUT, if they end the drug war - they would have to end the war on terrorism - they are connected, eh? :)

SPIRITnm: greg..if you get a chance check out

aliun: global circle is good!

Jack: We have gone from a nation of citizens into a nation of consumers. If we can't buy stuff, we are only worthy of jail and death.

spacecowboy: bell hooks talks about our ability to consume gives us the false pretense of equality.

Greg: Jack: no the poor are divided - some as prisoners, some as guards.

Greg: By the way, I can confirm I'll be on Politically Incorrect on 8 April. Assuming PI is still on.

MRectenwald: What day, Greg?

MRectenwald: Greg, please pound hard about the purge and the illegitimacy, of course--but hey, you told us about that.

Jack: Alex Baldwin gave you a great Intro to PI on his appearance last week, Greg.

MRectenwald: I'm still working on getting the reviews picked-up, Greg.

Greg: Yeah, Baldwin called me to pick up my spirits. He'll continue to help.

tony25m: Greg, I live in Florida. Are they going to do another "felon" purge?

Jack: FYI, Greg's columns that were forcibly removed from his web site are available in their entirety at .

aliun: Greg, i am considering putting together a big event at the Polo Field in SF Golden Gate Park - Sept. 1 - Labor Day with many others.

aliun: So, Greg, if you can, keep Sept. 1st open for SF Polo Field - i still have to make initial contacts but wanted to let you know you are invited if...

Greg: Yes, I want to get back to SF. I'd like to keep Pacifica involved. And I'm planning Texas, Oregon, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Boston, New Haven.

MRectenwald: M. Moore is doing some back-pedalling from his "no difference" post election days.

spacecowboy: yes, there are grumblings about Moore within the Green party

aliun: BUT, Michael draws BIG - tell me where Michael Moore is weak - and what do you think about Michael Moore, Greg?

Greg: He's large. If putting on a chicken suit gets our words out, terrific.

Jack: Greg, have you done much work with FreeSpeech TV??

Greg: FreeSpeech TV? Tell me.

Fredda: Freespeech TV shows Democracy Now!

tony25m: Greg: I remember a few weeks before the 2000 election Jeb Bush reinstated the voting rights of a former Black Panther. This guy broke the law many -

spacecowboy: You must be kidding.

tony25m: years ago and he didn't even ask for his voting rights back.

tony25m: Do you think Jeb Bush did this as a ploy?

Greg: I never attacked Jeb for removing felons from voter rolls - almost all the people on the list were INNOCENT. That's why the scrub was elections fraud

Greg: Pardons are unpardonable. The problem was that Jeb took away the rights of non-felons. spacecowboy: With the Republicans, I know where I stand as an Afro-American spacecowboy: can't say that about dems

SPIRITnm: they also had roadblocks stopping blacks so they couldn't vote

spacecowboy: it was the dems that allowed Jim Crow

spacecowboy: to persist

Greg: The scrub list looks like a South African police roster: BLA BLA WHI BLA

Jack: Greg, any plans on making the rounds of Leno, Letterman, or even Jon Stewart??

Greg: Well, call those programs and tell'm - where's Palast?

Fredda: there are links on to write to.

lrprice: Yeah, so one person got to allegedly vote - thousands didn't get to vote due to Choice Point.

SPIRITnm: sorry but the whole electoral system is a fraud and rigged-voting does you no good other than an exercise for the sheople to believe they still have s[ay].

Greg: Voting isn't the answer. But NOT voting sure as hell ain't the answer either. Besides, you should vote because THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO VOTE.

tony25m: Greg, why do you suppose the Democrats never mentioned your findings? It's as if they are on another planet...

Jack: I witnessed an old black lady here in SC being denied the right to vote.

SPIRITnm: the dems are in on it too-they were prolly told to shut up spacecowboy: let us not forget that Phil Graham was a dem before he was a repub.

Jack: In fairness, the Dems knew the House would seat Smirk anyway. It was a political card to be played later.

Greg: Individual Dem officials are terrific: The Congressional Black Caucus; Congressman Bob Filner who introduced me in san diego, others....

Greg: ... but a sickening silence from too many official dems.

Jack: Agreed, Greg

spacecowboy: yes, very sickening.

SPIRITnm: if you vote they can manipulate the figures according to who they want to win-gandhis noncompliance w/evil.

MRectenwald: I don't think Gandhi's queitism can be interpreted so nihilistically,

Spiritnm: --and still be a correct interpretation, that is.

Greg: Voting is never an evil. Stealing votes is the evil. Not voting is not non-compliance with evil - it's abetting.

MRectenwald: Exactly, Greg.

Jack: I officially became a Black Man when the Congressional Black Caucus stood up for me.

SPIRITnm: greg-don't u think it's the individuals and not the party??after all easy to get into dirty politics.

Greg: They stood up for me too - but I'm still bald!

MRectenwald: I'm sure they Republicans are banking on the cynicism that might accrue due to the last faux election.

Jack: I'm just getting taller than my hair, Greg.

MRectenwald: Cynicism is a corporate ideology.

lrprice: Good point, Mike.

tony25m: How much blame do you put on the Florida State Legislature?

Greg: The law was salted with landmines by Clayton Roberts, a Republican House aide before he headed Harris' elections dept..

MRectenwald: That's why commercials trivialize protests and all political action.

aliun: Greg, what is the public opinion in London - or can you tell?

Greg: In Europe, they've read/seen my reports. No one believes Bush was elected. They can't understand why he isn't forced to resign.

Greg: On war: Mixed. the British were more gung ho on attacking Afghanistan than Americans.

MRectenwald: Greg, but as I noticed, the Brits think they actually have some influence over American politics--so, they just don't get it about the U.S. and the...

lrprice: I thought the British were vs. attacking Iraq?

MRectenwald: power of corporate mediation.

Greg: The Euro left is sadly lost in anti-USA rhetoric - so anti-Bush commentary is incoherent

tony25m: Greg: Do you think the U.S. media ignores stories that are troublesome for the GOP?

Greg: Does the US media ignore anti-Repub stories? I could list a bookfull.

Greg: In America, race remains The Final Frontier.

MRectenwald: A second bookful, that is, Greg! The first book is GREAT, btw. this is a great book folks, everyone must buy it.

Greg: Uh, oh, 1am here in Blighty ... last questions? I'll pick more when I read through tomorrow.

MRectenwald: I really think the issue of race will need to be refigured outside of the terms of identity politics and in terms of CLASS.

Jack: Enjoyed speaking with you Greg. Get some rest. We need you alert and healthy.

aliun: Do you have an email alert newsletter, Greg and can you put me on your list?

Fredda: sign up at .

MRectenwald: Thanks, Greg. and Thanks for the book, and the reportage, the courage.

Greg: BTW: All royalties after expenses donated on the book. I pocket NOTHING.

Jack: Classy move, Greg.

tony25m: I've read some things about Rev. Moon at Robert Parry's site-- . Does he have alot of power in the GOP?

Greg: Moon has moolah - which buys a front row seat in any party.

aliun: And, yes, Greg, please have a good night and thanks - you should do this again but with a little more notice .

SPIRITnm: tnks greg-looking forward to next book.

lrprice: Thank you, Mr. Palast! :)

aliun: Yes, thanks for a great coverage of the grand theft!

Greg: Yes, we'll do it again ... and I'm Greg. I only make my kids call me Mr. Palast.

SPIRITnm: it's nice to know there are still decent people around-all my best greg.

tony25m: Greg you are helping to make America and the world a better place.

spacecowboy: thnx, adios, vaya con dios de tejas.

Greg: G'nite!

Transcript provided by Fredda Weinberg

Lori R. Price

March 31, 2002

CLG Interviews Greg Palast (with notes by Mike Rectenwald on his Fox News With Alan Colmes interview on Feb. 24, 2003) --by Michael Rectenwald, with Lori Price


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