Kyrsten Sinema accosted on flight by illegal immigrant

Kyrsten Sinema accosted on flight by illegal immigrant | 4 Oct 2021 | Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was accosted again by an illegal immigrant Monday -- this time while on a flight. The woman who recorded her public confrontation with the senator was apparently the same one who stalked the Arizona Democrat in a bathroom over the weekend. She introduces herself to a seated Ms. Sinema with "I don't know if you remember me" and says in the course of her interrogation that she is an immigrant whose father had died the previous year, biographical facts also true of the woman at the Arizona State bathroom.

Whistleblower: 'Almost no one outside of Facebook knows what happens inside Facebook'

Whistleblower: 'Almost no one outside of Facebook knows what happens inside Facebook' | 4 Oct 2021 | Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower who released tens of thousands of pages of internal research and documents, said the social media company could "destroy" her for speaking out, but she believed that "as long as Facebook is operating in the dark, it is accountable to no one." In her prepared testimony obtained by CNN on Monday ahead of her Tuesday appearance before the Senate subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security, Haugen said, "I believe what I did was right and necessary for the common good -- but I know Facebook has infinite resources, which it could use to destroy me." Haugen added: "I came forward because I recognized a frightening truth: almost no one outside of Facebook knows what happens inside Facebook." The 37-year-old former Facebook product manager who worked on civic integrity issues at the company revealed her identity during a "60 Minutes" segment that aired Sunday night.

One of NY's most senior judges barred from courthouse over COVID-19 vaccine

One of NY's most senior judges barred from courthouse over COVID-19 vaccine | 4 Oct 2021 | One of the state’s most senior judges has refused to get vaccinated or seek a medical exemption -- and can no longer enter the courthouse, The Post has learned. Associate Court of Appeals Judge Jenny Rivera is the only state jurist out of a total of approximately 1,300 who declined the jab and failed to apply for a medical or religious waiver. The Columbia University School of Law graduate was barred from entering any court facilities -- including her chambers -- beginning Sept. 27 at 5 p.m. when the state Unified Court System's vaccine mandate went into effect for all staffers... The courtroom's configuration was changed for the most recent session in August due to Rivera's decision not to get the inoculation, a source told The Post. She was placed alone at the end of a long wooden table separated from the six vaxxed judges who were perched on a raised bench behind her.

COVID Outbreak Sparked by Fully Vaccinated Patient Challenges Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity Theory

COVID Outbreak Sparked by Fully Vaccinated Patient Challenges Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity Theory | 4 Oct 2021 | A paper published Sept. 30 in Eurosurveillance raises questions about the legitimacy of "vaccine-generated herd immunity." The study cites a COVID outbreak which spread rapidly among hospital staff at an Israeli Medical Center -- despite a 96% vaccination rate, use of N-95 surgical masks by patients and full personal protective equipment worn by providers. The calculated rate of infection among all exposed patients and staff was 10.6% (16/151) for staff and 23.7% (23/97) for patients, in a population with a 96.2% vaccination rate (238 vaccinated/248 exposed individuals). The paper noted several transmissions likely occurred between two individuals both wearing surgical masks, and in one instance using full PPE, including N-95 mask, face shield, gown and gloves. Of the 42 cases diagnosed in the outbreak, 38 were fully vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's Comirnaty vaccine, one had received only one vaccination and three were unvaccinated. Of the infected, 23 were patients and 19 were staff members. The staff all recovered quickly. However, eight vaccinated patients became severely ill, six became critically ill and five of the critically ill died. The two unvaccinated patients tracked had mild COVID cases.

Facebook and Instagram back after longest worldwide outage ever

Facebook and Instagram back after longest worldwide outage ever | 4 Oct 2021 | Facebook's platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, suffered from widespread outages Monday. The global outages continued for about 7 hours. Facebook and Instagram appear to have recovered as of Monday afternoon around 6 p.m. Eastern. At 6:33 p.m., the company confirmed that its services had been restored...According to DownDetecter, thousands of users across the globe began reporting outages on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and Oculus around 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday.

Fauci slammed for claiming 'too soon' to consider COVID and Christmas gatherings

Fauci slammed for claiming 'too soon' to consider COVID and Christmas gatherings | 4 Oct 2021 | Dr. Anthony Fauci is facing backlash as a grinch after he insisted that it was "too soon" to tell whether the COVID-19 pandemic would disrupt this year's Christmas holiday gatherings. In an interview Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," the White House chief medical adviser was asked whether groups could get together to celebrate the holiday. "It is just too soon to tell. We have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time," Fauci said. But his response was slammed by Republican leaders, who called him a "scrooge." "I don't think anyone is going to be listening to Scrooge Fauci. I know I won't be," Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wrote on Twitter. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) added, "No one elected Fauci to be Christmas Czar."

Three Swiss Guards resign after Vatican orders vaccinations and introduces Covid-19 Green Passes for staff and visitors

Three Swiss Guards resign after Vatican orders vaccinations and introduces Covid-19 Green Passes for staff and visitors | 4 Oct 2021 | Three Swiss Guards have resigned 'voluntarily' from the ceremonial Vatican force, while several others have been suspended after the Holy See ordered the troops to get vaccinated against Covid-19 without any religious exemptions. While other Vatican staff and visitors have an option to undergo regular Covid-19 tests to maintain their Green Pass status, all Swiss Guards had been ordered to get a jab...the unit's official Lt. Urs Breitenmoser told AP. Besides the three guardsmen sent back to Switzerland, at least three others were suspended from active duty after they agreed to vaccinate but have yet to receive their jabs.

Activists Harass Sens. Sinema, Manchin Over $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill

Activists Harass Sens. Sinema, Manchin Over $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill | 4 Oct 2021 | Activists have harassed Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) in a bid to get them to support a mammoth spending bill. At Arizona State University on Sunday, a group of so-called progressive activists followed Sinema into a bathroom as they confronted her over her opposition to the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act [aka Great Reset Act] and demand she support it. The incident came just days after Sinema on Sept. 30 doubled down on her position not to support the Democratic leadership’s proposed spending bill, which includes mass amnesty for illegal aliens, as well as funding for social programs like Medicare and the Child Tax Credit, which Sinema wants Democrats to spend less on.

Arizona Authorities Probing Illegal Recording of Sen. Sinema

Arizona Authorities Probing Illegal Recording of Sen. Sinema | 4 Oct 2021 | Authorities in Arizona are probing the illegal bathroom recording of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), officials confirmed with The Epoch Times on Monday. Sinema was harassed over the weekend at Arizona State University (ASU) in Phoenix, where she teaches. She was followed by activists into a bathroom and recorded while inside, a violation of state law. "The ASU Police Department is working with Senator Sinema and conducting a full investigation of the incident that occurred Sunday," Adam Wolfe, the public information officer for the university, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Tsunami to Hit US and Europe; No Warning Planned

Tsunami to Hit US and Europe; No Warning Planned | 3 Oct 2021 | Scientists claimed that as of yesterday there was a 50/50 chance and merely a matter of time before every major city 20 miles inland of the US East and South Coasts would be wiped out, with millions killed both in the US and Europe by a tsunamis caused by volcanic eruptions on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. Last night, new data indicated that damage would also occur roughly 32 kilometers into the broadside of Europe's connection to the Atlantic Ocean. Of concern was that during the event, no action would be made to inform or protect a single soul according to a geologist working at La Palma. "I am a geologist currently working under an NDA as a contractor to develop a plan of action in the event of a cataclysm. According to a memo I recently received from my employer a decision has been made that any effort made to evacuate citizens will be untenable, and thus the need to even prepare or mitigate damages to life or property will not be executed." "It was that very island which was currently seeing swarms of earthquakes, leading scientists to believe the volcano there will erupt," according to a Telegram site, Battleground Research. "If it erupts and the southwestern flank falls into the ocean causing a tsunami as many expect it would, the US East Coast would be blind-sided because 80 percent of our tsunami warning buoys are not working."

Massive oil spill sends crude onto Orange County beaches, killing birds, marine life

Massive oil spill sends crude onto Orange County beaches, killing birds, marine life | 3 Oct 2021 | Crews raced Sunday to contain the damage from a major oil spill off the Orange County coast that left crude spoiling beaches, killing fish and birds and threatening local wetlands. The spill, first reported Saturday, originated from a pipeline off the coast of Huntington Beach connected to an offshore oil platform known as Elly. The failure caused at least 126,000 gallons of crude to spill into coastal waters creating a slick that spanned about 8,320 acres -- larger than the size of Santa Monica -- and sent oil to the shores of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach early Sunday. Oil from the spill also infiltrated Talbert Marsh, a 25-acre ecological reserve in Huntington Beach that is home to dozens of species of birds.

RT appeals against YouTube deletion of German-language channels, as Moscow vows 'zero tolerance' stance to censorship by Big Tech

RT appeals against YouTube deletion of German-language channels, as Moscow vows 'zero tolerance' stance to censorship by Big Tech | 1 Oct 2021 | RT has filed a formal appeal with YouTube over this week's deletion of its German-language channels RT DE and Der Fehlende Part, arguing the action was not only unwarranted, but ran contrary to the US-based platform's own rules. The popular services were abruptly deleted earlier this week, with YouTube accusing them of trying to circumvent a 'community guidelines' strike handed down for 'medical misinformation' in four videos related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. RT DE and DFP appealed the video-hosting platform's decision late on Thursday, urging it to reverse the ban. It said there was no attempt to circumvent anything.

Critics slam Twitter 'fact-check' of obituary attributing young mother's death to vaccine

Critics slam Twitter 'fact-check' of obituary attributing young mother's death to vaccine | 3 Oct 2021 | Critics are slamming Twitter after the social media company fact-checked [sic] an obituary of a young mother that attributed her death to a rare blood disorder induced by the coronavirus vaccine. "This obituary is 'misleading' says Twitter. 'For [on Twitter] we are not afraid to follow the truth wherever it may lead,' unless of course it contradicts what Dr. Fauci or the enlightened government and tech overlords say you must do for your healthcare," Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy tweeted in response to the fact-checked obituary. The fact check came after an unverified Twitter account posted a link to the obituary, accompanied by the caption: "Seattle, WA -- Jessica Berg Wilson, an 'exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions,' passed away from COVID Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia. She did not want to get vaccinated."

More US Airlines Impose Vaccine Mandates: American, Alaska, JetBlue

More US Airlines Impose Vaccine Mandates: American, Alaska, JetBlue | 3 Oct 2021 | More U.S. air carriers--American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue--have announced that they'll be requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The move comes as the Biden administration has ramped up pressure on airlines to require vaccines as part of a broader strategy to boost inoculation rates in the country. Joe Biden signed an executive order in September requiring federal contractors to mandate shots for employees, with the White House later setting a Dec. 8 deadline for them to get the vaccine. The airlines say they provide special flights and other services for the government, so placing them under Biden's mandate.

Sen. Ron Johnson: There is not an FDA approved COVID vaccine in the US

Sen. Ron Johnson: There is not an FDA approved COVID vaccine in the US --Johnson explains the FDA approved the Comirnaty version that’s not available in the US | 1 Oct 2021 | Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., claimed that the U.S. still doesn't have an FDA-approved vaccine as he exposed what was really approved by the government agency on "Fox News Primetime." SEN. RON JOHNSON: We do not have an FDA-approved vaccine being administered in the U.S. The FDA played a bait and switch. They approved the Comirnaty version of Pfizer drugs. It’s not available in the U.S. They even admit it. I sent them a letter three days later going "What are you doing?" What they did is they extended the emergency use authorization for the Pfizer drug vaccine that’s available in the U.S., here that’s more than 30 days later, they haven’t asked that very simple question. If you're saying that the Pfizer drug is the same as the Comirnaty, why didn’t you provide FDA approval on that? So, there’s not an FDA-approved drug and, of course, they announced it so they could push through these mandates so that people actually think, "Oh, OK now these things are FDA approved." They are not and again, maybe they should be, but the FDA isn’t telling me why.

Canadian pastor warns Americans after arrest for opposition to COVID rules

Canadian pastor warns Americans after arrest for opposition to COVID rules --The pastor believes Canada is targeting clergy for a reason | 2 Oct 2021 | The Polish-Canadian pastor who has been repeatedly arrested for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, said Canadian border police confiscated his belongings and apparently broke into his personal computer. When Pastor Artur Pawlowski landed back in his home city of Calgary on Monday following a four-month tour of the United States, customs officials were waiting to cuff him on the tarmac for two criminal charges, he told Fox News in an interview. "They have fallen to a new low," Pawlowski said of the Canadian authorities. "Our lawyers contacted them and asked them if there are any pending warrants for me when I was in the states. They said that there are no pending warrants, there is nothing outstanding." Pawlowski's tour followed the international attention he received in April when officials went to his church in Canada during Holy Week to inspect it for COVID-19 compliance. Because they entered the sanctuary armed and uninvited during a worship service, Pawlowski refused to speak with them.

Fully Vaccinated Justice Brett Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Covid-19

Fully Vaccinated Justice Brett Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Covid-19 | 1 Oct 2021 | Justice Brett Kavanaugh tested positive for Covid-19 Thursday evening, the Supreme Court said. 56-year-old Kavanaugh has been fully vaccinated against Covid since January and has no symptoms. Kavanaugh will not be on the bench on Monday, the start of the new term and the first in-person session with all Supreme Court Justices since the pandemic began.

Trump asks federal judge to restore Twitter account

Trump asks federal judge to restore Twitter account --Though he once commanded 88 million followers | 2 Oct 2021 | Former President Trump has asked a federal judge in Florida to force Twitter to restore his account, arguing the company improperly suspended him after receiving pressure from members of Congress. Twitter "exercises a degree of power and control over political discourse in this country that is immeasurable, historically unprecedented, and profoundly dangerous to open democratic debate," the Friday filing read, Bloomberg reported... The filing also claims that Twitter improperly censored his content while he was on the platform by branding his tweets with tags like "misleading information" and other partisan labels.

Australians Protest in Melbourne After New Sweeping Vaccine Mandate Announced

Australians Protest in Melbourne After New Sweeping Vaccine Mandate Announced | 2 Oct 2021 | Australians took to the streets for another protest in Melbourne in the state of Victoria on Saturday after the government announced a sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all "authorised workers." Victorian residents took to the streets and congregated in a group that marched along Southbank Boulevard and the track around Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens. Participants carried a large white banner with the word "Freedom" and voiced their dissent against vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and the current state government. A video from citizen journalist Rukshan Fernando showed the protesters marching peacefully and yelling slogans such as "my body my choice" and "freedom!!"

Human Action in the Context of Covid Totalitarianism

Human Action in the Context of Covid Totalitarianism By CLG Founder, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. Presented to the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Human Action Tour, Fairfax, VA. October 2, 2021.

A specter is haunting the world: the increasing prospect of a new totalitarianism. Unlike the specter of communism, this specter originates from those in power and not from underground revolutionaries -- although communism may always be an undertaking of elites. Rather than haunting only Europe, this specter casts its long shadow across the future of all humanity, such that one wonders how one might plan, if at all, for this future.

Consider Australia, once one of the world's liberal democracies. This could be the future for America, and everywhere else for that matter.

Citizens and non-citizens alike are trapped on the land mass, forbidden to leave the country without a good reason. And nothing seems to be a good reason. Large swaths of the population have been prisoners in their homes and neighborhoods for months. The Australian military enforcers a curfew in New South Wales and the COVIDSafe app enforces one in South Australia. The state sends random texts to the homebound prisoners via the app. Those under house arrest have fifteen minutes to respond before the police are sent, or not. "We don't tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes," the Premiere explained. Just as in Bentham's Panopticon, the prisoners are never sure if they are being watched, although they know they may be.

Those who dare to venture a block beyond the assigned perimeter are apprehended by the police and choked, handcuffed, slammed face-down on the street, sprayed in the face with noxious chemicals, and hauled off to who knows where -- for their own good. Those rallying for their freedoms are hailed and struck with rubber bullets. Citizens are encouraged to report on other citizens for behavior that they have been told is akin to murder. A man sneezed in an elevator and then left his apartment building, triggering a nationwide manhunt in which the population was enlisted. Rescue dogs were shot dead under the false pretense of rescuing people.

Although only slightly less draconian, severe measures have been enforced in the other liberal democracies, including the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and New Zealand.

COVID Totalitarianism

Worldwide, millions have already lost or will lose their jobs for vaccine non-compliance. This includes health care workers who just last month were hailed as heroes by those who now cheer on their removal. They are now to be dispensed with like so many used syringes.

To sink the knife in deeper, health care workers dismissed for vaccine disobedience are ineligible for unemployment in New York, while New York and Connecticut plan to replace them with the National Guard.

We should remember that the covid regime came on the heels of an already advanced illiberalism, as seen in the censorship, the onslaught of non-stop propaganda, the proliferation of doublespeak, the endless gaslighting, the political witch-hunts, and the cancellation rituals reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Stalinist purges.

The methods have been amplified under the covid regime, to a breath-taking effect.

Now, we not only have cultural and political but also scientific and medical cancellation. In fact, open scientific inquiry has been deemed verboten, deviationism from "The Science," a new medical Lysenkoism promoted by covid cult leaders. "Deviant" academics, scientists, doctors, and the all the unvaccinated are falsely blamed, vilified, isolated, shamed, and punished. The purges are sustained by relentless propaganda.

It should come as no surprise that what I call Big Digital corporations -- Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and others -- are intimately connected to Big Pharma and the covid vaccine regime. Facebook’s fact checker,, is funded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which owns 1.8 billion dollars in Johnson & Johnson stock. Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., owns the capital investment firm, GV, formerly Google Ventures. GV is one of the institutional investors in the UK firm Vaccitech, the biotech startup behind the Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. As the pandemic rolled out in early 2020, Vaccitech was one of the most valuable companies in the portfolio of the university-affiliated Oxford Sciences Innovation, although it had yet to bring a single drug to market. Sequoia Capital, China also invested in Vaccitech during its IPO. Sequoia Capital, meanwhile, is invested in Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Oracle, PayPal, YouTube, and Zoom.

Is it any wonder then that Big Digital corporations censor covid-related content that runs counter to the official vaccine propaganda?

The full power of the state is behind the covid regime. But the state is not only the government. It is the entirety of the clique in power. The clique includes the officials in the American and Chinese Politburo, otherwise known as the Biden administration and the CCP. But it also includes powerful individuals, like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the notorious Doctor Wen, and many others, as well as nearly all major cultural and educational institutions, multi-national corporations, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, national and supranational agencies, churches, synagogues, and many members of the general population who are essentially enrolled as state agents. Of course, it includes Big Digital.

These governmental and extra-governmental entities maintain and enforce the same hegemonic ideology. Their ideology is not only leftist and authoritarian, but also totalitarian. Yet the neo-Marxists and the silent liberals and conservatives do not recognize it as such. To them, it’s just the way things are, and the way things have always been. This could not be further from the truth.

Instead, after a long march, the woke (or socialist communist) infiltration of the American state is almost total. The covid response is an extension of the permanent revolution, which accelerated rapidly from 2016 on, if not before.

I’ve included religious bodies in the state because they have been largely co-opted. Their beliefs were already hijacked by the woke movement before most became complicit in the covid regime, which has since transmuted religious meaning and symbolism into the rituals of the covid cult. This represents not only the secularization of the religious sphere, but also its communization.

As Catholic Archbishop Vigano stated in May, "The rituality of the present pandemic is quite obvious, especially in the way they have wanted to give the vaccine a sacramental value." On cue, the unelected Governor of New York recently proclaimed that the vaccine was divinely ordained. Vaccination is apparently a sacrament instituted by God to give grace. To reject the vaccine is to reject life and all that is good, including God Himself. Jesus, as it turns out, was a vaccine manufacturer, perhaps a stockholder in Pfizer or Moderna. We have learned that he preached that only those vaccinated, and vaccinated again, and again, may enter the kingdom of heaven. The Covidians are the apostles, sent into the world to spread the Good News of salvation by vaccination. And He said unto them, "whosoever shall not receive the vaccine and booster shots, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake the dust off your feet."

Who are these unbelievers?

They are selfish people who claim individual autonomy and bodily integrity. They may include the vaccinated. It isn't enough to be vaccinated; one must also confess and profess the almighty power of the vaccine.

These reprobates dare to decide whether they are injected with an experimental cocktail, ad infinitum. They have the temerity to think for themselves. They must be excluded from society. They must be condemned to die alone, after living and begging in the shadows.

They include heretics who refuse to recite, word for word, the catechism of The Science.

Some of them even refuse to leap forward, denying the inevitability and sanctity of the Great Reset. It has been declared that the covid lockdowns must be followed by climate change lockdowns, plus other restrictions. The Earth must be protected from the meat-eating, locomoting, and unfettered procreation of the masses.

Yes, there are those who dare to suggest that this progressive and incremental mass vaccine program is akin to the Progressive mass eugenics program of the last century.

Speaking of "conspiracy theories," the mendacity of the covid regime essentially generates them, as if spontaneously. Once people realize that the Gospel of Covid is a tissue of lies, they begin to construct "sacrilegious" narrative alternatives, ones that make sense of the forbidden and mostly hidden data.

I won't attempt to adjudicate that data here. I'll leave that to a growing body of medical doctors and scientists. As of this writing, some 7,800 have signed "the Rome Declaration, a cri de coeur "to alert citizens about the deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy...such as denying patient access to lifesaving early treatments, disrupting the sacred, physician-patient relationship[,] and suppressing open scientific discussion for profits and power." They assert that the covid treatment regimen "may actually constitute crimes against humanity." So does a group of Nazi concentration camp survivors.

A day or two after the Rome Declaration was posted, "the Spartacus Letter" was published. This audacious rebel dared to engage The Science on scientific terms. The letter must have contained some forbidden truth because it was immediately scrubbed by Big Digital. Although republished in several venues, it remains virtually undiscoverable.

The esoteric language of the letter describes the effects of the virus and the vaccines in precise scientific terms that only a member of the cognoscenti could muster. It may be the most detailed scientific analysis of the virus and the vaccine that I have read to date.It then makes such declarations as the following:

The Elites are trying to pull up the ladder, erase upward mobility for large segments of the population, cull political opponents and other "undesirables", and put the remainder of humanity on a tight leash, rationing our access to certain goods and services that they have deemed "high-impact", such as automobile use, tourism, meat consumption, and so on. Naturally, they will continue to have their own luxuries, as part of a strict caste system akin to feudalism.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to resist such conclusions. I have described this as part of an effort to establish "corporate socialism" -- or "actually existing socialism" on the ground, and corporate monopolists, tightly coupled with the government, on top. I have also called it "capitalism with Chinese characteristics." This would explain why the elites propagate socialist ideology and rhetoric to the public, while engaging in economic fascism themselves.

The question inevitably arises: What should be done? I’m not going to make recommendations for what everyone should do. You may decide to live in a shack in the woods, and I may decide to stay in the city and do battle with the passport mandate police, with the unending booster requirements.

The point is to assert individual autonomy, not to corral people into silos. But no libertarian worthy of the name would ever suggest that a crisis justifies the incremental stripping of the natural rights of any human being. And no libertarian worthy of the name should ever be complicit in quarantining the healthy, whether in a camp, facility, institution, town, state, or in their own homes. I’m talking to you now, Cato Institute.

I will relay what others have done under somewhat similar conditions and speak to the possible advantages of such actions.

The measures I recommend are rooted in the need for pragmatic action under totalitarianism. We are not living under what Henry Hazlitt, in “The Road to Totalitarianism,” called “‘total’ totalitarianism”—not yet anyway. But Hazlitt continued by saying, “most Americans… may prove incapable of recognizing this evil until it has grown beyond the point of control.” It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.

I believe that we need to look to exemplary dissidents from the former Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc to respond to our contemporary conditions. What were the responses of such dissidents to totalitarianism?

As one of these dissidents, the Czech playwright and later President of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel wrote:

When those who have decided to live within the truth have been denied any direct influence on the existing social structures, not to mention the opportunity to participate in them, and when these people begin to create what I have called the independent life of society, this independent life begins, of itself, to become structured in a certain way. Sometimes there are only very embryonic indications of this process of structuring; at other times, the structures are already quite well developed. Their genesis and evolution are inseparable from the phenomenon of "dissent," even though they reach far beyond the arbitrarily defined area of activity usually indicated by that term.

What these dissidents did was to build what another Czech political thinker and dissident, Vaclav Benda, called "parallel structures."

What are parallel structures? The mere mention of the phrase will stir the imaginations of those who understand what this might mean. They are more or less organized communities, usually built by dissidents. They are sites where resistance to totalitarian bureaucracies allows for the expression of freedom and creativity. Their organic output has historically included samizdat books, private performances, seminars, exhibitions, periodicals, alternative educational forums (parallel universities), parallel information networks, and even embryonic parallel economies. Together they constitute a “second culture,” a culture otherwise repressed by and deleted from the state.

Eventually, these parallel structures may spawn a parallel polis and renewed political possibility.

In our context, parallel structures may be networks of people building communities of mutual support and communications but not ideological homogeneity. Many such groupings and parallel structures already exist.

They include media and communication networks, some even within the online spaces many of us already frequent. And they may be formed around podcasts and podcasters, websites and writers, peer-to-peer channels and programmers, and radio broadcasts and their listeners.

To create and sustain environments most conducive to liberty, these networks must aim to be as decentralized and as independent of Big Digital as possible. I nevertheless recommend that people retain the beachheads they have secured on mainline social media platforms and spread out from there.

Our parallel structures include parallel education organizations and institutions, like Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom.

They include what are now called "freedom cells," which are local and touring communities of support and exchange, both social and economic.

On the specifically economic front, they include those empowering themselves and others to attain financial literacy, independence, and responsiveness.

Bitcoin communities represent parallel structures of potential resistance and survivability -- especially considering the frightening prospect of a global digital currency, which would mean total control over buying, selling, and saving.

Parallel structures include religious and spiritual groupings -- not only some churches but also informal gatherings for mutual support and sustenance.

The Mises Caucus is currently a parallel political structure. It provides a political home and community for those disaffected with the legacy parties and an important niche within the Libertarian Party for those seeking principled economic and political policies and the unapologetic assertion of individual human rights under all circumstances.

I will end with plea that those inhabiting existing parallel structures, and those forming new ones, remain flexible and willing to translate, without compromising, their own and others' political language and symbolics into a common language of resistance, survival, and human action. Otherwise, our parallel structures may become isolated from others by particularism. We are up against totalitarianism. That is why I suggest that we understand ourselves primarily as "dissidents" and secondarily as party and caucus supporters. As such, we may become the germ of a future social, economic, and political renaissance.

Thank you for listening.

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Louisiana health system to charge employees with unvaccinated spouses, partners a monthly premium of $200 to remain insured

Louisiana health system to charge employees with unvaccinated spouses, partners a monthly premium of $200 to remain insured | 1 Oct 2021 | Louisiana's largest health system is ratcheting up pressure to get vaccinated [aka take the experimental mRNA jab] against Covid-19. Ochsner Health told employees it will charge them a monthly premium of $200 if a spouse or domestic partner covered under an Ochsner health plan is not vaccinated, The Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate reports. Ochsner has said all employees must be vaccinated by October 29 to keep their jobs.

Justice Sotomayor rejects last-minute bid to block Dept. of Education vaccine mandate

Justice Sotomayor rejects last-minute bid to block Dept. of Education vaccine mandate | 1 Oct 2021 | Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has rejected a push to block the city's vaccination mandate for all Department of Education employees. In an 11th-hour bid, four city teachers opposed to the jab requirement petitioned the Bronx-born jurist to intervene on Thursday. But Sotomayor rejected their request Friday afternoon and cleared the way for the city to enforce the mandate beginning Monday.

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Hospital Imposes $200 Monthly Fee on Employees If Spouse Unvaccinated

Hospital Imposes $200 Monthly Fee on Employees If Spouse Unvaccinated --Policy means hospital workers could have as much as $2,400 deducted yearly from paychecks. | 1 Oct 2021 | Employees of the Ochsner Health Center in Louisiana were informed Thursday that they would need to pay a monthly fee if their spouse has not been vaccinated. In a letter sent to hospital workers, Ochsner Health, the largest hospital network in the state, warned employees that spouses listed as dependents on their insurance benefits would have to be vaccinated, or a $100 "Spousal COVID Vaccine Fee" would be deducted per pay period. "New in 2022: Ochsner is implementing a Spousal COVID Vaccine Fee as part of its 2022 medical plan premiums," the letter to employees states.

School boards group asks Biden to consider labeling opponents 'domestic terrorists'

School boards group asks Biden to consider labeling opponents 'domestic terrorists' | 30 Sept 2021 | The National School Boards Association has asked Joe Biden to look into slapping a "domestic terrorist" label on "angry" parents and community members who speak their minds at board meetings. 'America's public schools and its education leaders are under an immediate threat," the group says in its letter to the president. "[As] acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes." The NSBA wants the Gun-Free School Zones Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Violent Interference with Federally Protected Rights statute, and the Conspiracy Against Rights statute all invoked to help prevent alleged threats, Education Week reports.

Professor who was suspended after refusing to grade black students more leniently sues UCLA

Professor who was suspended after refusing to grade black students more leniently sues UCLA | 29 Sept 2021 | Updated: An accounting professor who was suspended from UCLA's Anderson School of Management for refusing to grade black students more leniently in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd's death has filed a lawsuit against the school for harming his professional reputation. Gordon Klein, who joined the Anderson school in 1981, is seeking compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees in a lawsuit filed with a state court in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Following the death of Floyd at the hands of police in May of last year, Klein received a letter from a non-black student asking that he provide more leniency in grading the work of black students...The lawsuit charges that some students in a pre-med Life Sciences course celebrated receiving "perfect scores" on a test they never even took, proclaiming: "We did it boys, [Life Sciences] is evil no more." "Yet another instructor boldly announced in writing to his History class 'you will not be required to write the final assignment because your [teaching assistants] have volunteered to write this final assignment for you...As a practical matter, you all will receive full points.'"

NYC Restaurateurs: Business Down 40 to 60 Percent Due to Vaccine Mandate

NYC Restaurateurs: Business Down 40 to 60 Percent Due to Vaccine Mandate --'They're Coming Against the Heart of the City' | 1 Oct 2021 | New York City restaurateurs are complaining that their business has been slashed severely by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which requires people 12 and older to show vaccination proof for indoor dining, indoor fitness, and indoor entertainment. Pre-pandemic, O'Donoghue's Pub and Restaurant was a successful business that has been open for 10 years in Times Square, Manhattan. Fergal Burke, the owner of O'Donoghue's noticed that his business has seen "a massive drop," since the vaccine mandate came into effect.

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says --A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war. | 27 Sept 2021 | Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public, a newly released Canadian Forces report concludes. The federal government never asked for the so-called information operations campaign, nor did cabinet authorize the initiative developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, then headed by Lt.-Gen. Mike Rouleau. But military commanders believed they didn't need to get approval from higher authorities to develop and proceed with their plan, retired Maj.-Gen. Daniel Gosselin, who was brought in to investigate the scheme, concluded in his report. The propaganda plan was developed and put in place in April 2020 even though the Canadian Forces had already acknowledged "information operations and targeting policies and doctrines are aimed at adversaries and have a limited application in a domestic concept." A copy of the Dec. 2, 2020, Gosselin investigation, as well as other related documents, was obtained by this newspaper using the Access to Information law.

Senate Votes Down Republican Amendment to Block Biden Vaccine Mandate

Senate Votes Down Republican Amendment to Block Biden Vaccine Mandate | 30 Sept 2021 | The Senate on Sept. 30 defeated a Republican amendment that attempted to block Joe Biden's announced mandate for private businesses with 100 or more workers. Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) introduced the amendment to a government funding measure, blocking the usage of federal money for COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Republicans and Democrats split 50–50 on the vote, falling short of the 60 votes required to pass the amendment... "No precedent exists in American history for punishing private employers who don't enforce government vaccination edicts," Marshall said. "Astonishingly, House Democrats included fines up to $700,000 on businesses that have unvaccinated employees as a way to pay for their out-of-control spending."

Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Warn of Worldwide 'System Collapse'

Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Warn of Worldwide 'System Collapse' | 29 Sept 2021 | Several industry groups have warned world leaders of a worldwide supply-chain "system collapse" due to pandemic restrictions, coming as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suggested that the current period of higher inflation will last until 2022. The International Chamber of Shipping, a coalition of truck drivers, seafarers, and airline workers, has warned in a letter to heads of state attending the United Nations General Assembly that governments need to restore freedom of movement to transportation workers amid persistent COVID-19 restrictions and quarantines. If nothing is done, they warned of a "global transport system collapse" and suggested "global supply chains are beginning to buckle as two years' worth of strain on transport workers take their toll," according to the letter. It was signed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Road Transport Union (IRU), and the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), which represent some 65 million transport workers around the world.


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