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Moscow condemns 'Nazi celebration' at White House

Moscow condemns 'Nazi celebration' at White House --The US has bestowed a prestigious award on a female member of an ultra-nationalist Ukrainian battalion | 9 March 2023 | The decision by the White House to bestow an International Women of Courage Award on a member of an infamous far-right Ukrainian nationalist battalion is "disgraceful," Moscow's ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said on Thursday. He claimed that the move was further evidence that Washington is ready to support Nazis in the fight against Russia. Speaking to reporters, Antonov was asked to comment on the award received at the White House by Yulia Paevskaya, who goes by the nickname "Taira." The ambassador said Moscow had noted the honoring of a member of the Azov battalion, a Ukrainian unit closely associated with neo-Nazi ideology, on International Women's Day. [Insane! Also, why are my tax dollars funding these Nazis?]