Citizens for Legitimate Government, a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush Coup d'Etat and oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Writings of CLG Founder/Chair and Chief Editorialist, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.

"In the garden of the world the flowers of poverty and virtue have seldom bloomed, and the saplings of truth have been strangely checked in their growth; while the trees of error have reared their heads, with trunks sturdy and gnarled, and spread their upas branches, poisoning all life far and wide, and withering all green and lovely things. While the former will need be tended, watered, pruned, the axe, the sharpest we can lay hands on, will be right busily laid about the roots of the latter, and that without any man's permission, nor caring what kind of rookeries may be disturbed...
" --George Jacob Holyoake -- Oracle of Reason, January 8, 1842.

The Rec Report --Daily commentary by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Editorialist

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Apartheid at NYU by Michael Rectenwald 18 Jun 2013

Police-Staged Reality and its Implications for Politics (Part I) by Michael Rectenwald with Lori Price, research assistant 14 May 2013

FBI Thriller, Published in 1999, References 9/11 --A 1999 best-selling thriller makes explicit references to 9/11 By Lori Price and Michael Rectenwald 10 Mar 2011

The CLG: History and Dedication (on the tenth anniversary of its founding) By Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. 13 Dec 2010 Join us in celebrating ten years of service to the interests of democracy.

"Diebold or Die Bold -- Take Your Pick." --Michael Rectenwald 07 Apr 2006

"Only time vindicates and that very very tardily, and awfully cheaply too." --Michael Rectenwald 12 Aug 2002

"This coup has been the worst embarrassment and disaster for the United States of America since slavery, which resulted in a Civil War." --Michael Rectenwald 21 Jul 2002

The Construction and Deconstruction of Science in Middlemarch By Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.19 Dec 2008

"Local Histories, Broader Implications." College Composition and Communication, Vol. 60, No. 2, December 2008: W53-W57; Review article by Michael D. Rectenwald.

Michael D. Rectenwald: A Brief Professional Biography for the Victorian Web

Darwin's Ancestors: The Evolution of Evolution By Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. 02 Dec 2008

"Hope-and-Change," A Hoax By Michael Rectenwald and Lori Price 27 May 2010

Border Rag By Michael D. Rectenwald 29 Jul 2006 Special poem for CLG

Signs of Our Times By Michael Rectenwald 27 Jul 2005

Statement of Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., on the London bombings 07 July 2005

We were right (scroll to fourth item) --by Michael Rectenwald "We now know that we protesters were right. Vilified as traitors, we turned out to be the true patriots. We advocated saving lives, money and heartache, and waiting for the evidence to come in... As has been the case for most of George Bush's life, someone else must follow him and clean up his mess. John Kerry is the most competent and likely comer, and he is now our only hope for returning the nation and Iraq to sanity." [Letter published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, mirrored here.] Letter published October 11, 2004

Special feature: A Secular Prayer for Occupied Lands --by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair
"I still abhor
The Shock and Awe,
The horrific barrage of bombs,
The torture of Islam,
The raped nation without arms,
'Democratized' by harm,
And now that the heads have rolled,
Still no one is fooled..."

CLG's strategy in case of stolen elections: Part 2, The Revolution Will Be Webcast! --by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair "What are the TRIGGERS, what 'election' events will trigger the Grand Refusal? The following list is by no means exhaustive. The Bush regime may very well alter their approach to stealing the election this time. But, this is a list that will guide us... The Real Revolution was against the people and the Constitution and took place in 2000 and continues to this day." July 21, 2004

CLG's strategy in case of stolen elections: Part 1, The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal --by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair "...[A] postponed election, or the playing the fear factor for low voter turnout, are acts of terrorism in themselves. We are already being attacked. This warning is yet another in a series of attacks on our rights, on our democratic system, on our freedom, and on our self-determination." July 13, 2004

Michael Rectenwald responds to a Freeper who declares that 'Your [sic] are all NUTS!' July 21, 2004

Fahrenheit 9-11 and the Burning of Bush: A review, by Michael Rectenwald, June 25, 2004

Leftist Power, the 60s, and Theory --by Michael Rectenwald, October 15, 2003 --The essay was published on October 15, 2003, website.

Total Recall (of our rights), And What Is To Be Done! --by Michael Rectenwald, October 8, 2003 --The essay was published on October 9, 2003, website.

"What an atrocity, that in a country priding itself on Democratic principles, voting is given so little regard. What should be as sacred as any religious ceremony is profaned by business interests and trampled on by error and carelessness." -Michael Rectenwald, October 6, 2003, commenting on the GOP California coup d'etat

"Fireworks," A declaration of independence, by Michael Rectenwald, July 4, 2003

March 30 Anti-W-ar Rally Pittsburgh Speech --by Michael Rectenwald, --speech in Pittsburgh, March 30, 2003 ***Listen to the speech here! ***

Gulf War II: The New 'Real' --by Michael Rectenwald, published in Al Jazeerah, March 15, 2003

Gulf War II: The New 'Real' --by Michael Rectenwald "It appears from the previews we are receiving regarding the media coverage of Gulf War II, that the real, now dead, is to be declared alive-and-well, dressed up, camouflaged, and paraded around by the Pentagon itself: a remediation of the real." March 11, 2003

(un)Clear and (un)Present Danger? (A commentary on Bush's State of the Union Speech 1/28/03) --by Michael Rectenwald In commemoration of Thomas Paine's Birthday (January 29). January 29, 2003

Michael Rectenwald replies to a rightwinger who asks, "Shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself?" --by Michael Rectenwald, December 4, 2002 --The essay was and promoted on December 9, 2002, website and and newsletter, as well as Fallout Shelter News.

Now, This Is War: A Refrain, In Thomas Carlyle Fashion, by the so-called 'Dumbed-down Left' (Was "America, The Hopeless") --by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair: "Given the obvious fact that the Republican agenda is anathema to the interests of any majority, in the US or the world at large, one might conclude, with some Europeans, that Americans are either suicidal, mentally retarded, or both. But this is not the case; Europeans cannot imagine the extent to which the American media has, especially since the repeal of the Fairness in Broadcasting Act (circa 1986), been overrun by corporate interests allied to the Republican agenda. Nor do Europeans, with a strong leftist tradition, understand the failure of the US political system to develop any substantial opposition party to forcefully and clearly articulate a political vision other than the one foisted by said corporate media. The articulation of an alternative is left to the castigated voices of the Internet, like those of the CLG. If the people are "dumbed down," it is only because they suffer from paucity of real political education and analysis. Dumbing down is more the fault of such people as New York Times writer, Nicholas Kristof, than any fault of the Internet activists, or the people in general." Nov. 6, 2002 Michael Rectenwald's essay, Now, This IS War: A Refrain, In Thomas Carlyle Fashion, for the 'Dumbed-down Left' (Was "America, The Hopeless") was also linked to on November 6, 2002. The essay was and promoted in the November 9, 2002 newsletter and website on November 9, 2002.

Neville Island on Labor Day 2002: First Amendment Behind Bars Report from the Pittsburgh Front Sept. 2, 2002

Mike Rectenwald's Interview on The Jim Greenfield Show! June 14, 2002

Stand and Demand (An Investigation of 9-11!) --by Michael Rectenwald, May 16, 2002 Mirror published: American Politics Journal; cited on Fallout Shelter News, questions, questions..., and promoted in the May 28, 2002 newsletter

Michael Rectenwald responds to a 9/11 activist April 12, 2002

CLG Chat with Greg Palast March 26, 2002

Michael Rectenwald replies to a rightwinger who laments: " gore is a scumbag communist. this a fact certain..." March 22, 2002

Photo Journal of Mike Rectenwald's visit to London, including exclusive photos of investigative reporter and author, Gregory Palast January, 2002

New Year's Eve Reflections on The First Year of Citizens for Legitimate Government
December 31, 2001

Michael Rectenwald on the Meria Heller Show: Listen Here!

Afterword --by Michael Rectenwald, September 22, 2001* "Afterword" is Mike Rectenwald's addendum to his Voter March speech, made on the West Steps of the Capital, Washington, D.C. on May 19, 2001. "Afterword" is soon to be published on an upcoming book on the s-election 2000.

"Election" 2000, in Historical Context - *The classic must-read speech by Michael Rectenwald, read on the west steps of the Capitol, May 19, 2001

What is to be Done? --by Michael Rectenwald, September 14, 2001

Today, Dress Wounds. Tomorrow, Redress Grievances --by Michael Rectenwald, September 11th, 2001 *published in Online Journal, September 12, 2001

Michael Rectenwald Accepts George W.'s Challenge: Founder and Chair of Citizens for Legitimate Government accepts Former Texas governor's challenge to have some company on his four (or longer) mile run! *published in American Politics Journal, August 11, 2001

The Softer Side of the Coup: No Vacation for Activists --by Michael Rectenwald, August 5, 2001 *published in American Politics Journal, August 6, 2001

We Don't "Get Over" a Coup: Open Letter to a Freeper (to a Republican who said our site must be some kind of joke) --by Michael Rectenwald, April 24, 2001 *published in American Politics Journal, May 3, 2001. (APJP) -- A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: We received a copy of the following open letter by Citizens for Legitimate Government's Michael Rectenwald yesterday and wanted to share it with our readers. We share Rectenwald's outrage not only at the de facto disenfranchisement of not only Floridians but all Americans by Supreme Court fiat -- and urge you to visit Citizens for Legitimate Government's web site.

Mike's Letter to Common Dreams --by Michael Rectenwald, April 12, 2001

Mike, what is meant by the expression, or theme of CLG, "We must undo the coup?" --Michael Rectenwald replies, February, 2001

Open Letter to Ed Marshall, The Progressive Populist Reform People's Party (in response to his criticism of the Inaugural Protests and the Voter March) --by Michael Rectenwald

Not My President (Not anyone's) --by Michael Rectenwald --speech in Manhattan, February 18, 2001

Letter to a Freeper who "thinks" we should get over the illegitimacy of our government --by Michael Rectenwald

Notes on the Media --by Michael Rectenwald

Offering from the CLG: The Eros of the Baby Boom Eras, poetry, by Michael Rectenwald. All proceeds from the book sales will go to the CLG.

Other Writings of Michael Rectenwald:

Allen Ginsberg's correspondence with Michael Rectenwald (Stanford University Archives)

Michael Rectenwald is the Founder and Chair of Citizens for Legitimate Government, (CLG: national, Internet-based activist group that arose in response to the breach of democratic principles in the 2000 and 2004 presidential election contests, and which continues in the Bush administration.

In the early ‘80s, at the age of 19, he was an apprentice to Allen Ginsberg at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, Colorado. He subsequently published The Eros of the Baby Boom Eras (poetry) in 1991 and worked in advertising for 12 years. He then switched gears again, earning an M.A. in English Literature from Case Western Reserve University and a Ph.D. in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University. His essays and book reviews have appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and in academic journals and anthologies. He teaches in the Literary and Cultural Studies program at Carnegie Mellon University and is working on a book dealing with 19th century British science and politics.

Mike Rectenwald believes that the Bush administration is at least criminally negligent in their mis-handling and complete ineptitude regarding 9-11. As Mike wrote, "Mr. Bush was told in the first week of his month-long vacation that terrorists connected to bin Laden were supposed to hijack domestic airliners within the U.S. Why did he not make the proper adjustments and have the FAA secure the airports before 9-11? To use the CEO metaphor he's so fond of, if a CEO of a major corporation were to learn that the most vicious terrorist on the planet was aiming to do something to his company in the very near future, would the said CEO remain on vacation for three more weeks after hearing such a notice? Would a CEO continue to read a children's story to kids in Florida, after his major buildings had been struck by terrorists in domestic airliners? Would such a CEO turn down the plan ["Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented?" by Michael Elliot, Time, August 4, 2002] drafted by the executives from a former CEO's tenure, simply out of political spite? Well, these are some of the facts surrounding the Bush failure that resulted in 9-11." Michael Rectenwald, August 28, 2002.

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Lori Price, Editor-in-Chief, Citizens for Legitimate Government

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