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Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bu$h occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Michael Rectenwald responds to letter declaring that all members of the CLG should be fired from their jobs!

Letter received via contactus May 18, 2002 -- continue down page for replies

Subject: Earth to CLG ?!?


You all are very very lucky that you are allowed to live in the United States...

However, if I EVER find that a person with whom I work for, with, next to, whatever, belongs to your organization, I will FIRE them (or see that they are FIRED) right on the spot...

Don't any of you have anything better to do with your lives?

Grow Up... Get Over It...

ACTA NON VERBA {Deeds Not Words}

Edward Y. Jr.

United States Merchant Marine Academy (1982)
MIT (1984)


Michael Rectenwald's reply, May 19, 2002:

Subject: re: Earth to CLG ?!?

Dear Mr. Y., Jr.:

Sir, while your employees, as employees, are not constitutionally protected in their associations, we, as citizens of the United States, are protected by the Constitution and its amendments, to freely associate, and freely speak our minds. Your threats, implicit and otherwise, however, are not surprising, given that you apparently belong to the party, or are associated in your beliefs with a party, which arrogated upon themselves the right to undermine the Constitution, steal an election, and foist an illegitimate ruler upon us. This usurpation and subsequent tyranny is the very kind of authoritarianism that the founders of this nation were guarding against. Likewise, it is we who are the true patriots, while you are favoring something closer to the regimes to which the founders of this country were so strongly opposed. Furthermore, it is these very "freedoms" that as a (former) service man, you were charged to PROTECT, not abrogate.

True patriots don't "get over" a coup d'etat.

We have every right to live here. Your willingness to reinstantiate a new McCarthyism is very disturbing. We, however, will not be deterred. All of the rightwing radio in the world, programming its legions of thoughtless "ditto heads" and drones, will not deter us.


Michael Rectenwald

CLG Founder and Chair

B.A. University of Pittsburgh

M.A. Case Western Reserve University

Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University

Edward Y., Jr.'s reply to Michael Rectenwald, May 19, 2002:

Subject: Get Over It (reply)

Early during Our Country's history, a Presidential election was so close, that ONE single member of the House of Representatives decided the outcome. Nobody claimed then (or afterward) that a coup d'etat occurred.

I feel great pity for people like yourself who cannot understand the framework under which Our Country was designed. People like you are always looking to "Fix" the Constitution because it won't let you turn America into the Socialist State which you so desparately [sic] want it to become.

And please don't insult my intelligence by calling me names... You don't know me and I don't know you, but I can certainly determine a great deal about you (and people like you) based upon how you respond to the actions and arguments which I have put forth to you via our limited correspondance [sic] ...

One last thought; I have direct control over what my two children think and believe regarding the historical accuracy of the events which I have experienced, and no Public School Teacher, Revisionist Textbook, or Politically Skewed Web Site like the one you support, will be able to brainwash them into thinking otherwise...

Edward Y., Jr.
May 19, 2002

Michael Rectenwald's reply to Edward Y., Jr., May 20, 2002:

Subject: Re: Get Over It (reply)

Dear Mr. Y., Jr.:

If this past election were simply a case of "too close to call," then indeed, you would be right; we would have no justification to refer to it as a coup d'etat. However, that simply was not the case. There is so much evidence of a concerted effort, beginning before and continuing on through Dec. 12, 2000, to take the election by whatever means possible, that the only phrase to aptly describe it is a "coup."

The evidence is available on our website. The coup began with an illegal voter purge in Florida, in which thousands of mostly African Americans had their voting rights illegally and wrongly removed. See the following articles by Gregory Palast, and the articles in the mainstream press that finally ran the story six months after the crime:

Scrub Helps Shrub

Florida's 'Disappeared Voters': Disenfranchised by the G.O.P.

What really happened in Florida?

A blacklist burning for Bush

Florida's flawed "voter-cleansing" program

Secretary of State Katherine Harris hired a firm to vet the rolls for felons, but that may have wrongly kept thousands, particularly blacks, from casting ballots.

Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Silence Of The Lambs: The Election Story Never Told

Transcript of BBC News broadcast about ChoicePoint's fraudulent "voter cleansing" Gregory Palast, BBC, 16 January 2001

Gregory Palast

Columnist and investigative reporter whose most recent target is the removal from Florida voting rolls of African American voters falsely identified as convicted felons

The Wrong Way To Fix the Vote Gregory Palast, Washington Post, 9 June 2001

Gregory Palast's Purge Story in the Washington Post!!!

Official: Florida disenfranchised minority voters (CNN)

Felon Purge Sacrificed Innocent Voters COMMON DREAMS REPRINT OF PALM BEACH POST STORY, May 27, 2001

Florida Net Too Wide in Purge of Voter Rolls LA TIMES May 21, 2001

Florida's botched voter purge. Effort to eliminate ineligible voters denied some voting rights MSNBC, CITING THE WASHINGTON POST, MAY 31, 2001

Furthermore, after the election, the Republican party began a disinformation campaign that utterly belied the truth of the law in Florida, the historical reality about hand-counting, and the facts about absentee ballots. As such, thousands of real votes for Gore were NEVER EVER counted, hundreds of Bush absentee votes were ILLEGALLY counted, and thousands of other Gore votes lost to a butterfly ballot designed by Theresa Le Pore, who was a Republican turned Democrat for the election only. Contrary to reports, Le Pore's ballot was never 'approved' by anyone.

And, last but not least, when all else was not sure to work, The Supreme Court made the most egregious legal moves in the history of the USSC, and according to seven hundred legal scholars and constitutional scholars, this was the most legally baseless decision ever. Some, such as Vincent Bugliosi, have called it a crime. Others, such as Professor David Kairys, simply saw it as the worst decision in history. Of course, there are enormous resources devoted to exposing this coup, and the articles I allude to are only the beginning of serious research into the matter. However, until the rightwing looks at the facts squarely, they will never have a legitimate argument in opposing us. They simply say, as you do, "you're all socialists," or something similarly irrelevant, ad hominem and absurd. Try to take on the arguments we are making; so far, NONE OF YOUR COLLEAGUES HAVE EVER DEFEATED US IN AN ARGUMENT ON THE FACTS! NONE!! Instead, they resort, like you, to distractions, ad hominem attacks, or other maligning remarks.

But, to date, not a single one of the detractors writing and blathering nonsense, has made a substantive argument.

As for the last point you make below, it is indicative of the manner in which the rightwing attempts to control thinking by eschewing the evidence, attempting to win merely by thought-control and menacing threats, the likes of which we have seen again with respect to a deserved investigation of S-11.

Instead of allowing people to look at the evidence, this administration and the rightwing in general hurls veiled and not-so-veiled threats. Since they effectively control the corporate media, those in the know realize what these threats mean: media backlash. This is our predicament: "tell the truth and we will have the media bludgeon you. Do not tell the truth, and people will think we [the rightwing] are telling it." This is essentially what you began by saying to me, what you are effectively telling your children is the way to "think" (a real misnomer in your case), and what you feel should be the way to deal with dissent in America.

Allow me to say for the last time: your way of "thinking" is anti-American to the core--it is poisonous, mendacious, dangerous and often treasonous. Why? Because it effectively shuts down democratic discourse in favor of authoritarian rule. I pity your children, whose skewed view of the world will shut out so many facts. As I wrote during the election; the methods of the rightwing have become anti-scientific. The implicit motto is: "believe what I say, don't look at the evidence." This was Saul Sander's approach to the evidence of the ballots. This was the attitude to the ergonomics evidence presented to this mis-ministration at the beginning of its illegitimate term. This is the attitude that rejected the Kyoto Treaty. This is the mis-ministration's attitude to our government and people's demand for an investigation of the atrocity of S-11. You people have become anti-Enlightenment, anti-rationality, anti-scientific and Neanderthal. Lastly, you are really anti-American.

It is quite alarming to have to share a nation with such irrational, ideologically-programmed and incognizant beings.

Michael Rectenwald
CLG Founder and Chair
May 20, 2002

Edward Y., Jr.'s reply to Michael Rectenwald, May 20, 2002:

Subject: Re: Further Communication Is Futile

How can you (and others like yourself) expect to have intelligent discourse when you elevate yourself above those with whom you wish to converse with?

Best of Luck to you and your organization...

Edward Y., Jr.

ps: You spent all that time and energy trying to bolster your arguments with the "facts" and then ended by concluding that I was too "stupid" to understand the "truth"

Michael Rectenwald's reply to Edward Y., Jr., May 20, 2002:

Dear Mr. Y., Jr.

No, I did not say that you were too stupid to understand me, or stupid at all. I said you were UNWILLING, not stupid. My "elevation" is simply confidence based on evidence, plus a result of experience of having demolished the "arguments" of opponents time and time again. I stand vindicated. To date, none of you, and I have answered thousands, has countered our arguments at all. NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZIP. This isn't a matter of stupidity, which I never claimed, but something worse: self-imposed (and media-congratulated) IGNORANCE. We will be vindicated by the history books your grandchildren will read, and there is nothing you can do about that.


Michael Rectenwald.


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