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Michael Rectenwald responds to a CLG visitor who declares CLG a "seditious website"

Michael Rectenwald's reply --February 28, 2003:


I have addressed these issues before. I'm sorry, I cannot provide you with a personal reply. The links to my own writing and our collections of evidence regarding the "election" should suffice (see below). After the "election" and before 9-11, for which Bush is at least criminally negligent, 33% of the country believed Bush to be illegitimate. Two days before, Newsweek's 9/20 issue hit the stands, the first national publication to devote an entire issue to the question of Bush's legitimacy. The public merely has myopia and amnesia, but that does not change the facts. No polls can change the true election results. Neither can the tragedies that pile up since he TOOK office. Strange isn't it, but since Bush was installed, the world has gone absolutely insane. And, it's not as if his administration, "informed" as they are by the rightwing think tanks driving this new imperialism and tyranny, have nothing to do with it. They have everything to do with it.

No amount of tragedies occurring on his watch, no matter what wars he wages illegally and in violation of international law, no international treaties broken or refused, no amount of deficit his "budgets" accrue (an historical record) no amount of stock value that is lost (an historical record), no matter how many rightwing judges he attempts to push through, nothing, none of this, changes the basic fact.

Bush was installed, not elected. He lost the national vote, and, the electoral vote. Hundreds of thousands of legal votes were NEVER counted, and hundreds more illegal votes WERE counted for BUSH. Further, another 92,000 voters were PURGED from the Florida voting rolls ILLEGALLY, even BEFORE the election. This is not to mention the illegal operatives working on and 'fixing' absentee ballots illegally in two county election offices. Nor is it to mention the voter and vote-counting intimidation, the "bourgeois riot" undertaken by G.O.P. staffers, and the like. This is just the 'tip of the iceberg' of the GOP crimes involved in the Bush regime's installation and continuance.

By the time the USSC stepped in, it was the last resort for stealing the election for Bush. At LEAST two of the judges had illegal conflicts of interest. Scalia's son worked for the law firm representing Bush in the case. Thomas's wife worked on Bush's transition team! These are serious violations of their sworn oaths to recuse themselves in such cases where even an APPEARANCE of conflict of interest exists. 700 legal scholars from around the country and across the political spectrum called the decision the worst in USSC history, and others, like Bugliosi, called it CRIMINAL.

The means by which Bush seized office, against the will of the people, is the way he has ruled, against the will of the people--both domestically and around the world. Bush has caused the most severe international crisis of faith in American history, since its inception. So states the recent-most official to resign from his post:

As for what I teach, it has nothing to do with the "election" as such. But, I doubt you'd have ever gotten admitted to the University, as we have very high standards. As for "due respect," you are lacking it, as evidenced by putting my title in scare quotes. Again, just try to gain admittance to my school and my classroom. I doubt you're even qualified to be my student. As you are not qualified to be my student, you won't have to call me professor, so not to worry.


M.D. Rectenwald
February 28, 2003


Letter CLG received --February 28, 2003:

Subject: A seditious website.

To "Professor" Michael Rectenwald:

I heard your vicious attacks on President Bush on the Allen Colmes show the other night and just finished looking at your webpage, I am moved to reply in kind.

Your childish whining and outright lies are disgusting. Like a small child made to stay in the sandbox, you kick and throw sand in a tantrum that would be comical if not for the fact that unsuspecting taxpayers have allowed you a position of power to spew your hatred. How many young minds have you
poisoned with Your obsessive rantings?

The truth is simple; Even after all Your lies and distortions about Mr. Bush, the shameful way you garner votes by bribing poor homeless souls with cigarettes and alcohol, scaring old People about losing benefits, recruiting and coaching the illiterate and feckless, your desperate search for hanging chadds [sic], one fact remains clear. YOU LIBERALS FUCKING LOST!!! YOU LOST, GET IT, YOU LOST!!!

Real Americans have a serious job ahead. The liberation of the Iraqi People. After that we will assist the vast majority of moderate arabs in the elimination of the Islamo-fascists who have been holding these people hostage in the 14th. century. If You have any compassion in your hollow soul, you will cease and desist your senseless ravings.

In the words of Bob Dylan, "Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
and don't criticize what you can't understand.
Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command,
your old road is rapidly aging'
please get out of the new one if you can't lend a hand;
for the times they are a changin'"

With all due respect,

Jack A.
February 28, 2003

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