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Michael Rectenwald responds to a military man who declares CLG members "don't see don't see the issues in Iraq as they really are"

"To give any one pain causes me regret; but, while I respect the feelings of others, I, as conscience and duty admonish me, respect the truth more and by this course I may be society's friend, for he who will never shock men may often deceive them." George Jacob Holyoake, The Logic of Death (1876).

Michael Rectenwald's reply --March 12, 2003:

Dear John,

No, we don't see the the issues in Iraq as you see them. Perhaps your own interests and training as a military man have biased your perceptions of the situation. I can imagine that it would be truly devastating to learn that everything you had been taught up until this point had been a sack of lies, one after the other. I must be very hard indeed to find that you've given your service under false pretenses. What you thought was "defense" of our country is actually "offense" by a tiny elite whose interests are at stake.

I hate to be the one to burst your oh-so-fragile bubble of falsity, but the war on Iraq was planned well in advance of 9-11, and is part of a project slated in rightwing think tanks by chicken-hawks who never lift a finger, except to point to others as 'unpatriotic' for nothing but failing to buy their "Pax Americana" vision for the world.

There isn't a reasonable person on earth who truly believes that Iraq poses an imminent or significant threat to the US, or has any means whatsoever to breach our borders and destroy anything here, or anywhere else for that matter. Nor is the CIA even remotely convinced of any real Iraqi ties to Al Qa'ida. None of the perpetrators of 9-11 came from Iraq. Over a dozen came from Saudi Arabia. Money wired to the perpetrators has also been traced to princes in Saudi Arabia. Further, a far greater threat to peace today is posed by North Korea, who actually HAS nuclear capabilities. But, we won't bomb Saudi Arabia, because they are already a compliant supplier of oil on US client terms. Nor will we bomb North Korea, because they actually have the capability of firing back. Instead, we will bomb Iraq--because, unlike N. Korea, they can't retaliate, and unlike Saudi Arabia, they don't play by OPEC rules and the US and UK oil company-- BP, Mobil, Exxon, and Shell-- game. So, given these obvious contradictions, only the most unreasoning person can imagine that we are about to attack Iraq for the reasons given by the current US regime.

If the US really KNOWS that Iraq has such weapons and can suggest where they are, why hasn't it done so? Allow me to suggest a reason: they cannot, because they don't exist. And, if they do exist, isn't the far more prudent course of action to take to extend and intensify inspections, rather than risking lives in the possible deployment of supposed weapons, once a war of US aggression is underway?

There has been not ONE shred of proof that Iraq has ANY of the weapons that the US "intelligence" (surely an oxymoron as applied to this administration) claims they do. All of the "evidence" has been laughably falsified. The "chemical and biological plant" in Northern Iraq (controlled by the Kurds and not Hussein in any case), shown by reporters to be a BAKERY. The "mobile chemical and biological weapons factories," nothing but MODELS made in Washington, without an objective correlative anywhere in reality. The 'latest intelligence' on which much of Powell's supposedly convincing (and now utterly refuted) speech to the UN was based, a dossier plagiarizing a ten year old Ph.D. dissertation! The nuclear weapons, not found and not a trace of them anywhere, nor the capability for producing them. The documents suggesting that Iraq had been attempting to purchase from Niger equipment that could be used to make nuclear weapons--forgeries, now under investigation by the FBI!

And now, the latest and perhaps most pathetic joke of all, the unmanned vehicles so vaunted as terrifying by Powell, a 'Deadly Drone' Made of Balsa Wood and Duct Tape. It appears the Iraqis have made better use of duct-tape than we have, but this use does not constitute a threat to American sanctity or security. Rather, this whole charade poses a threat and a major insult to the American MIND, or what is left of it, after such an extended campaign of complete LIES and propagandistic brainwashing. Further, they advance these lies for a promised war that will by all accounts be ILLEGAL-- a violation of international (and probably domestic) law.

Tell that to your commanding officer and your "commander-in-chief" (a.k.a. "commander-in-thief"). We don't buy it. We don't trust this Bush regime as far as we can throw it, and we'd love to throw it out of the White House that it illegitimately occupies, before it starts dubya-dubya 3! They are complete frauds. Nothing they have told us is the truth. And you expect us to "support" this fraudulence? You must be kidding.

Lastly, our freedom of speech doesn't come at the "expense" of yours. Is freedom a limited resource? We think not, despite everything this regime is doing to limit it for Americans.


Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government

Letter CLG received --March 12, 2003:

Subject: sad state of affairs

I am truly sorry that you don't see the issues in Iraq as they really are. Perhaps the whole 9-11 incident wasn't enough for your organization to realize the true threat Hussein and other radicals like him present to all "peace loving" americans [sic]. Perhaps if you had spent 7 months in desert shield/storm like I did, and had the distinct "privilege" of seeing what Hussein did to his own Arab "brothers" and the environment then you would realize that it is absolutely not about oil but about protecting our fellow countrymen against inevitable future attacks by terrorists. Perhaps after this war is all over and the US military puts on display everything that the Iraqis were hiding from the UN inspection teams, your organization will finally see the wolf in sheeps [sic] clothing. And to think I get up every morning and put my life on the line protecting you and your compadres so you can trash our commander in chief.... I'm glad I took an oath to uphold the constitution so you can have your freedom of speech at the expense of mine.

Serving proudly,

John F.
March 12, 2003


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