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Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. replies to a Freeper who says, 'I feel sorry for you' (Lori Price replies, as well!)

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. replies, February 1, 2005

I see that I am dealing with someone who has been programmed by a rightwing radio show host or other propaganda machine. You have no idea what you are talking about, and your 'facts' are completely errant.

The word "liberalism" was used well before Norman Thomas. But hey, you're only off by a mere century. I guess the thought police running around in your parts destroyed the vestiges of real history, and supplanted them with this faux history. The term "liberalism" was used as early as 1819, although the term liberal is certainly centuries older and applied to politics in the early 19th century. John Stuart Mill used the term "liberal" to apply to politics in 1838 and the term "liberalism" as such in his On Liberty in 1859.

So, as you see, the term "liberalism" was coined long before Norman Thomas was even born! You might want to consult a real source for etymology. Try the OED.

Secondly, liberalism as a political movement predates socialism by well over fifty years, and the characteristics of what was then liberal opinion defined the founding of the United States of America. Try taking a look at what the radicals of the late 18th century were writing in France, and compare it to the writing of the founding fathers, especially Jefferson.

So liberalism is not the equivalent of socialism, by any means.

Furthermore, totalitarianism can come in many flavors. The totalitarianism of the USSR was a mutation from the leftist thinking of Marx and Lenin, and represented the conservative reactions of the centralist Stalin against the leftist thinking of Lenin and Trotsky.

Totalitarianism is just as likely under rightwing rule, as can be seen in Nazism. And don't tell me that the Nazis were leftwing or "socialist." They hunted socialists with the same vehemence as they did Jews. To think that the Nazis were socialist or leftwing given their name is to succumb to a nominalist fallacy. Every political scientist will tell you that Nazism was rightwing and fascist. The current US administration resembles totalitarian fascism more than it does anything else.

Lastly, there are numerous versions of socialism and the vast majority of them are nothing like totalitarian. Contrary to the nonsense you have been imbibing from the rightwing ideologues on the radio and Faux News, the alternatives are not between rightwing corporate fascism (what we have today) and socialist totalitarianism. That is a false dichotomy. There is an entire political history of which you apparently have no idea, although you owe your very political rights to it. This is the history of Liberalism.

As for angels and other such inanities, please, I cannot even address this. Am I to worry about what is unproven, unverifiable, improbable and metaphysical when there are real, material injustices to concern me, such as the condition of the Iraqi nation given the imperial conquest of it by the US, and the numerous war crimes committed by the Bush regime, the condition of starvation and poverty of the majority of the planet, the hunger of one-third of American children, the growing poverty rate in the US, and the like? The off-putting of concern onto immaterial, unproven, unlikely and irrational phenomena is generally a sure sign that one is dealing with an obfuscating ideology, meant to disguise and cover up real atrocities.

Have a good day.

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
Founder and Chair,
Citizens for Legitimate Government

"." replies, January 27, 2005

Subject: Victory for you


I think you should slow down a little bit. Your jumping to conclusions. I
did some reading on the "New Deal" to freshen up on the issue. But I needed
know if you had something in mind.

We know exactly what liberlism [sic] is all about. More then you, and your
bullshit intellectualism, and the people who trained you. The Term was coined by
Norman Thomas - Socialist. If you want to talk in generalities, let me give you
some education.

The Soviet Union was not a very productive country. Under socialism, it
became a totalitarian government. By its very structure, it can do no other.
People who claim otherwise are either liars or deceivers or deceived. And there is
a dark side that you people deny. It is about not being able to escape a
system where you have no money. If you study carefully, you will notice that it
structured identically to prison camps. And so we have the Berlin Wall.

It cannot be any other way unless their is sufficient spiritual development.
A refinement that you people lack. For you or your people to engage in
socialism is monsterous [sic]. Your methods of communication is an example of a very sick
people. Your sick attitude and others is very evil. You are controlled by
demons. Demons want to deceive everyone into total control and slavery.

You fail to understand that we know too well what is going on in this
country, a hundred times better then you. Quit treating us like we are stupid. It only makes you look bad. Evil and ignorant. I know your nature better then you.

If you cannot see the spirit world or communicate with angels, that is not
our fault. A good percentage of the people can, but do not say. Angels have a
lot of power. We are not so stupid.

If I was your best friend, I would tell you to get a "Soul Healing" by Ken
You need to get rid of your demons. If you do, someday, in your heart, you
will thank me forever.

Victory for you if you do.


Michael Rectenwald replies, January 27, 2005

That's NEW DEAL! Learn how to read and write, and then maybe we can carry
out a conversation. As it is, I am not going to educate every last one of
you brainwashed morons.

Every right that you have as a worker (which I assume you are or are in a
family supported by one) has come to you by way of LIBERAL or leftist
reformers. If not for liberals, your children would be working in a
factory 12 hours a day. If not for liberal reforms, unemployment compensation,
social security, and a myriad of other reforms would never have seen the
light of day. Without liberals, we would all be wage-slaves with everyone
in the family working 12 hours a day. You are completely in the dark. You
have no idea about history, or where we came from. This is the tragedy, that
millions of morons have been brainwashed to act against their own best
interests, and actually support their oppressors with a vengeance. This is
the height absurdity, and it would be a comedy, were it not so tragic.

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
Founder and Chair,
Citizens for Legitimate Government

"." replies, January 27, 2005

Subject: Re: I feel sorry for you

Thank you Michael,

Could you please be kind enough to give me some examples of the "New
Programs" you speak of. Does that included Social Security?


Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. replies (to original email), January 27, 2005

Subject: Re: I feel sorry for you

Bush is doing a great job of creating Hells for a lot of people, not least especially the Iraqis. He is intent on making hell for you, your children, and your grandchildren too, as he dismantles every New Deal program and initiative he can get his grubby, oily and greedy hands on. He is only making happiness for a few thieving corporations, for whom he loots the national treasury. You are utterly deluded. You are like the believers in "1984," who actually believe the double-speak lies and propaganda spewed for you each day, and enjoy the torture of all those who don't. This is what Bush & Co. has turned you into: illiterate savage swine.

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
Founder and Chair,
Citizens for Legitimate Government

Lori Price replies, January 27, 2005

Subject: Re: I feel sorry for you

"you are reap what you sow." <--not only are you a whackjob... You're a f*king *illiterate* whackjob, as well.


Lori R. Price
Gen. Mgr., Citizens for Legitimate Government

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Letter CLG received, January 27, 2005:

From: "."
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 5:58 PM
Subject: I feel sorry for you

All that time and effort just wasted. Bush was re-elected. You wasted all you
time for nothing. All the seeds you planted for someone else, you are reap
what you sow. Lots of contention is your seed. You are just creating your own
Hell. Will you ever find your Love and Peace in this world? Can you?


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