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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.
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Michael Rectenwald replies to a rightwinger who asks, "Shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself?" (Original letter is below.)

Dear P*

If the Democratic party had conspired to do to Bush what the Republicans did to Gore, we would, first of all, have been very surprised and completely appalled. The question is theoretically a valid concern, but practically not really relevant. The Democratic party traditionally does better when more people vote and when the votes are counted. The Republican party, on the other hand, does better when less people vote, and, as we have seen, when votes are not counted. Likewise, it is not really a practical possibility that the Democrats would conspire to keep tens of thousands of people from voting (as in the Florida Purge), nor to keep hundreds of thousands of ballots from being counted (as in the "recount"). So, while theoretically we would assume the same position had the Democrats committed the crimes that the Republicans did, it is not really a practical problem with which we should expect to contend.

As to your second question, it is based on a false premise and misinformation. The fact of the matter is the following: "[I]f the recount had been started from scratch in each of Florida's 67 counties, The Herald concluded, 'Gore would be in the White House today.'" Published in the Miami Herald, Sunday, April 8, 2001. Click here to read the whole article, entitled, "Votes aren't sacred," by Tom Fiedler. A recount of the entire state, which, as you probably don't remember, Gore himself asked Bush to agree to early on in the controversy, would have given Gore the electoral win.

As for your third question: none of us are "making a living" from this political group. Personally, I work two jobs in academia, one as a writer and editor and a second one as a professor. I make NO MONEY AT ALL from the CLG. All of my services are rendered VOLUNTARILY, in order to advocate and stand behind principles I consider to be of paramount importance. I have donated my time, money, personal possessions and sometimes much needed sleeping hours to pursue this, a most worthy cause of democratic principles and a fair, equitable government. We have only one paid staff member, who receives a small stipend. Contrary to what this administration apparently believes should be the income of the majority, this is hardly "a living." Our webmaster, the only paid person, works over 80 hours a week for a meagre salary.

Our supporters are not "poor," and nothing is required of them to read and enjoy our site. We sell T-shirts at a nominal price and accept donations to keep the site up and running. We do not merely play on emotions (like the rhetoric of the rightwing, which relies on the mere sound and repetition of words supposed to signify evil things (such as the noble word "liberal" turned into an epithet by the preachers to their ditto head choirs)), but rather rely on information, knowledge and insight to get our arguments across. Our tens of thousands of daily readers apparently appreciate our approach.

As for the question of whether or not we should be "ashamed of ourselves," we would ask in return: shouldn't those who dominate the once "public" radio and television airwaves (rightwing mouthpieces, who, since the repeal of the Fairness in Broadcasting Act in 1986 due to Republican maneuvering, are found shamelessly supporting the Republican Party when said party has less than 30% support of the "public"); those who buy and control these media for their own interests and present "news" with such a slant as to completely bolster their own positions and interests; those who watch in apparent approval as a nation is defrocked of its right to have a real and fair election, who work as the apparent arm of this government in promulgating its viewpoint in return for tax cuts and other corporate benefits (the majority of the corporate-owned and run media in the US); or those who worked to make sure votes weren't counted; or those who contributed vast teams of lawyers and vast sums of money to contrive arguments against having votes counted (Enron and Halliburton, who paid for the Republican "no-count" lawyers in Florida and supplied jets to ferry them around); or those who conspired behind closed doors (Cheney) with those same energy companies to construe a national "energy plan" while these same energy companies simultaneously defrauded the largest state in the country (California) and stole billions of dollars, while also knowingly keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars of employees' stock money after selling their stocks high, knowing full well that the stocks were worthless thanks to their own sinister and disgusting schemes of fraud; or the politicians who accepted the monies from these companies, both for the "no-count" and for their campaigns, and have protected, to date, these same corporate heads from facing prosecution; or those who provided tax cuts to 1% of the wealthiest Americans to curry favor with their money while plunging the federal budget into a six trillion dollar deficit; or those who received said tax cuts at the expense of the national budget and those people and programs that needed that money; or those who benefit by the billions for phony wars waged on "dictators" propped up by those same companies and interests in the first place, and whose wars are only for oil imperialism and for not the protection of American citizens, as the case of Saudi Arabia terrorism support and the lack of any action against them makes so clear; in short, should we, whose collected contributions and T-shirt sale monies amount to a few hundred dollars per month--should we feel ashamed of ourselves as we fight for a legitimate government representing the interests of a vast majority, or should those above-referenced billionaires defrauding our government and using it as an arm for their own get-richer schemes, should they be the ones to be ashamed?

We have no shame! Shame on the frauds that steal our government, ruin our world and now make war on false terms. Shame on those who are too self-interested, lazy, or credulous to unveil their hypocrisy and lies. Shame on the media that yield unqualified support for their schemes and promulgate willingly their daily falsehoods. Shame on these, I say, and pride for those who fight these monsters. We will not be deterred. We will not quit. We ask you to come over from the dark side and support the fight for right, reason and justice.


Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government
December 4, 2002

Writings of Michael Rectenwald


*Original letter received by CLG, Dec. 4, 2002:

Subject: Let me ask you some questions


I would like to ask you some questions. First off, would you oppose Gore, if the tables had been turned, say that what supposedly happened to Gore happened to Bush in its entirety? Secondly, When a recount of the entire state was done Bush won, does that mean anything to you? I mean, true that when the recount is done only in a few counties Gore wins, but if you cry that voters lost rights in one sector shouldn't that hold true in all sectors. Finally aren't you doing this to simply earn a living. Aren't you merely using this as a vehicle to separate money for the pockets of poor people by playing with their minds and emotions? And shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself.

P. V., a minority who is a Republican.



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