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Michael Rectenwald responds to a CLG visitor who declares CLG members "ani [sic] American"


Michael Rectenwald's reply --March 6, 2003:


Do you not realize that there are INTERNATIONAL laws that govern the behavior of states in matters of war? Apparently you don't. According to international law based on the Nuremberg treaty and UN international law, it is illegal to wage a preemptive strike (i.e. a act of unprovoked aggression) against another country. That is what we are intending to do.

Further, the US and UK and all their intelligence agencies still have NOT ONE SHRED of evidence that Iraq has the WMDs that they claim it does. NONE, zero. Also, the putative "links" to Al Quiada are tenuous at BEST and completely fabricated at worst. Nothing has turned up, and the "intelligence" they gave the UN inspectors have turned out to be, in the words of a top inspector--garbage after garbage after garbage." It's all pure bullshit. The chemical factory in (Kurdish-controlled) Northern Iraq--a cafeteria. The moving bio and chemical bomb facilites--a complete myth and nothing but MODELS made by artists. The missing anthrax and chemical weapons--destroyed after the Gulf War.

In any case, Saudi Arabia has FAR more links to the perpetrators of 9-11; most came from there and the princes of Saudi Arabia helped fund the perpetrators.

Further, North Korea is a far more imminent danger to world peace; they HAVE nuclear weapons, admittedly breaching UN resolutions.

But we will not bomb Saudi Arabia, because they are ALREADY a compliant oil supplier to their client state (US) and we will not bomb North Korea because they are a REAL threat to world peace.

Further, the chemical weapons used in the battles with the Kurds were actually sold to Iraq by the US and UK and companies owned in those countries. Also, the gas that killed the Kurds came from IRAN and not Iraq. When Hussein was killing Iranians--whether with gas or bombs or guns sold or provided by the US and UK--we loved him.

All of this shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the real reasons for attacking Iraq have NOTHING to do with WMDs. None of this has to do with WMDs or the "danger" he poses. The real problem he poses is that of control of the OIL, WATER and strategic resources of Iraq.

And, if you want to look at the prime violators of UN resolutions, you should look no further than Israel, in clear violation on numerous counts of numerous resolutions.

You might want to also consider the fact that regime change was in the minds of these people long before 9-11! See the Nightline promo for tonight's show, below:


Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government

Tonight on ABC, a story that I thought would only show up on the Internet.

TONIGHT'S FOCUS: Several years ago, when President Clinton was still in the White House, and 9/11 was still not even a nightmare in anyone's mind, a group of mostly Republicans wrote a letter outlining a foreign policy strategy that involved regime change in Iraq, by force if necessary. Now that several of those Republicans are in key positions in the Administration, some critics of the White House's current Iraq polic smell something fishy.

The Project for the New American Century. Never heard of it? Well, don't feel bad. Few have. But have you heard of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or Paul Wolfowitz? Back in 1997, those three out-of-office politicians and several other like-minded, mostly conservatives, were frustrated with American foreign policy. So they formed this new organization and a year later wrote a letter to then-President Bill Clinton calling for a "comprehensive political and military strategy for bringing down Saddam and his regime."

Today, a 76-page paper written by the organization reads like a blueprint for the policy being carried out largely by Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. In fact, of the 40 people who signed that letter, 10 are currently in the Administration.

Is this a case of democracy in action? Influential thinkers who became policy makers? Or is it, as some international critics of the White House's policy on Iraq have argued, a secretive organization pulling the strings, with an imperialistic goal of dominating the world? Are these criticisms legitimate?

Tonight ABC News correspondent Jackie Judd will explore this conspiracy theory, and the influence and role of the Project for the New American Century. Ted Koppel will then speak with the Project's founder and chairman, Bill Kristol, who served in both the first Bush and the Reagan

Also tonight we'll have another report from correspondent Mike Cerre with Marine Company Fox 2/5 in Kuwait. After 19 days in the desert, they got a shower and a hot meal. But more importantly, they also received their plans for their role in an invasion, if and when one is ordered. After months of training for war, they now know just what they're going to do.

And finally, Nightline's Chris Bury is in Kuwait this evening, the main staging area for the American invasion should it come. He'll give us the latest news of the military's preparations.

We hope you'll join us.

Sara Just and the Nightline staff
Senior Producer


Follow-up to Mike Rectenwald --March 6, 2003:

The words are anti-American. Apparently you do not have children, I do. Sodom has had 12 years of your kind of disarming, Now his time is up. We should have done this 11 years ago. I am for the protection of Israel, Kuwait and the people in Iran and Iraq as well as the Americans. Sodom harbors terrorist and he even used biological weapons on his own people as well as Kuwait. He had a part in September 11. As I said I have children and I do not like war but it has to be we need to protect my children and yours. If we do not stop this idiot then we have failed to protect future generations. I truly hope in these last days that Sodom leaves the country and we do not have to go to war, But if he does not leave then we should and will disarm him. Now what we need is support of our troops, We are going to war weather you like it or not, so why waste this energy on anti war chanting and support our troops over seas? Weather you like it or not, this war is for freedom for you ,your children and all Americans. Say what you want but I believe that 12 years is enough time, Now is the time to act. Who the hell cares what the security counsel says anyways [sic], I wish we would leave the UN. It is a worthless bunch of time and money! Illegal war? How can this be illegal? We make our own laws not anyone else! We have the right to protect ourselves and I don't give a damn about world laws or opinion! I am glad when we went to battle against Germany that the anti war people did not influence our government, Because if we would have done nothing, you would be saluting Hitler my friend!! Have a great day and God bless America and George Bush. Thanks God all mighty for a great man such as Bush. Daniel G.


Michael Rectenwald's reply --March 5, 2003:

What is "ani American" mean? If you can translate this out of traileronics and into English, I might be able to reply. Support the troops--to do what? I support them to get back home NOW. I don't support them to drop bombs and kill people for no good reason, in an unprovoked, illegal war violating international law. The war is about? What, weapons of mass destruction? Strangely, all the weapons of mass destruction around Iraq are under the control of the US and the UK, like the evidence in search of the crime. The absurdity would be funny, were it not so potentially and probably tragic. You must be kidding. Try shutting off the Faux News and AM radio propaganda.

Letter CLG received --March 5, 2003:

Subject: war

you don't even know what the war is about, Why don't you support our troops ! You need to live in another country because you are ani [sic] American!!!!!!!!

Daniel G.
March 5, 2003


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