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March 30 Anti-W-ar Rally Pittsburgh Speech By Michael Rectenwald,


Citizens for Legitimate Government was founded on the premise that the same anti-democratic means by which Bush & Co. seized the office of President of the United States would characterize his overall policies. This has proven to be the case. In fact, in an act that parallels the Florida "election," the Bush administration refused to count the votes of the UN Security Council. Again, Bush and Company by-passed and violated the democratic process, usurped international authority, and marched on to the preordained objective of domination. The only difference between the domestic and the world stage is that the world governments will not be intimidated into silence as our own "loyal opposition" has been.

Now, just as Americans called the Bush regime illegitimate at home from the outset of his residency, so the ambassadors of the world are calling the Bush regime and its war illegitimate. Yesterday, the Iranian ambassador to the US stated that because the shock and awe of this illegal occupation, Bush has managed to make a hero of a criminal. Saddam Hussein is the emblem of resistance against the domination of the US. Furthermore, Bush has made an international war criminal of himself, and the entire US military. What a shame that the US, under this administration, has reversed the roles in the court of world opinion and made an underdog criminal into an emblem for righteousness. Only the most anti-democratic US regime could manage it. Anti-Americanism is at an all-time high.

Rumsfeld now threatens Syria and Iran. China now plans to bolster its military and crack down on dissent in order to prepare for a confrontation with the US Hegemony. France, Russia, Germany, China, Mexico and the citizens of the world have condemned us. Even our nearest neighbor, Canada, has an unexampled fear and loathing of its southern neighbor.

First the war was about WMDs. Now, the war is against Hussein and for liberation. Tell that to the children whose limbs have been blown off, or whose skulls have been exploded by shrapnel. The only WMDs are those of the so-called "coalition" forces, exploding like the evidence in search of the crime.

Already, however, there is talk of the huge oil profits to be had. CNN has already alluded to the rich oil fields in Southern Iraq. The Dallas Business Journal noted without apology that Texas Oil Companies stand to gain the greatest from the occupation of Iraq and the privatization of the formerly state-owned and run oil industry. Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former company from which he still earns a million dollars in deferred salary, has multi-billion dollar contracts for rebuilding what they first had contracts to destroy. A US arms trader, Jay Garner, will run Iraq after the invasion is complete and the occupation underway. But, we are told, this war is not about "bidness." It's about Liberation. We think it is about Liquidation! The nakedness of the power grab is indeed an extension of the naked grab for power that has characterized the Bush regime since the original coup in 2000.

The new W-ar of imperialism calls for a new resolve of resistance. It cannot be business as usual. We cannot remain weak-kneed liberals, like most of our so-called Democrat representatives in Congress who stand by as our government juggernaut rolls over the will of the world and the lives of thousands in order to plunder the world's wealth. We at the center of the the empire have a special responsibility for civil disobedience.

What lengths will we go? Do we assemble? Of course--with or without permits. Do we argue with detractors: Of course! We, and not they, have the facts and morality on our side. Do we make our dissent loud, clear and constant. YES. Do we stand in front of military convoys when they drive in our very streets even though these very same trucks may not reach Iraq itself? YES! Do we make the city governments pay a few million more to stop the 70 plus billion dollar Bush war of aggression: HELL YES!!! Do we stand in the way of business as usual and demand a change of course! We must! We must undo the Bush coup! And we must stop the Bush juggernaut before it is Dubya Dubya III!

Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair

Citizens for Legitimate Government

March 30, 2003

***Listen to the speech here!***

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