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Mike Rectenwald's Interview on The Jim Greenfield Show!

Citizens for Legitimate Government Founder and Chair Michael Rectenwald was interviewed live on (rightwing talk show) Great Talk 1150-AM, The Jim Greenfield Show. [Transcript coming soon...] The interview took place June 11th, at 6 PM EST.

Here are the (paraphrased) highlights, although the entire interview is *one*big*highlight* -- Mike Rectenwald "slew" his host, and "slew" the entire Bu$h mis-ministration!

Host Jim Greenfield introduced Mike Rectenwald, and read the entire CLG charter for the entire Portland radio audience to enjoy!!

When Jim Greenfield posed the following question to Mike Rectenwald, ...You call the bush "occupation" of the White House the result of a "coup d'etat." Isn't the connotation of a coup d'etat a military takeover? Mike supplied the following retort, and it is a classic: Yes, that's the connotation, but it's not the denotation, which is simply a thrust or strike at the state from within by one sector of the government taking over the whole of it, which is exactly what happened. Talk show host Jim Greenfield replied, Oh, you're good.

Host Jim Greenfield asked Mike Rectenwald, How can you people still be going on about this when Bush's approval ratings are in 70s? [etc..] Mike Rectenwald noted that, 33% of the nation believes he's illegitimate. Absolutely!

Then, Mike cleverly inquired of his interviewer: What did bush DO to deserve this rapid rise in approval ratings? I'll tell you what he did, he allowed three U.S. monuments to be struck by airplanes, killing 3,000 people on his watch. This is what he did to "deserve" these ratings. The most terrible attack on U.S. soil in its history happened with him at the helm. We continue to oppose him for reasons like this, [etc.] Even rightwing host Jim Greenfield conceded, I agree with you there.

Jim Greenfield asked, Why didn't the major media report about this so-called "coup?" Mike Rectenwald explained that, As corporations with corporate interests and corporate advertisers, that they had a vested interest in Bush "winning." Likewise, they didn't pursue the matter.

Greenfield noted that some recent poll that suggested that some 90% of reporters were "liberals." Mike replied that, That didn't matter. There is a distinction between the reporters, who are after all workers, and the owners. Reporters have been liberally educated and thus have liberalized views. Then they go to work for major corporations, just like the rest of us. And, like the rest of us, they can't just say whatever they want in the context of their jobs. [etc..] Well-stated!

Jim Greenfield remarked at the conclusion of the interview, You were a great guest. You make your points well,...I just think you should forget about it. Of course, the raison d'etre of the Citizens for Legitimate Government is to NOT forget about it!

Jon Dunn, the producer for The Jim Greenfield Show , can be reached at: jon at 1150am dot net.

For those of you who missed this tremendous interview, transcripts can be obtained via sending a blank cassette tape to the following snail-mail address:

Jon Dunn
15240 SE 82nd Dr.

Clackamas, OR 97015

As soon as I receive a copy of the transcript, it will be available on the CLG website.

Michael Rectenwald has given many print, television, and radio interviews, and has numerous published essays. Mike has spoken at various rallies, and his speeches have been published, as well. For "Writings of CLG Founder and Chair, Michael Rectenwald Demolishing the rightwing, one moron at a time..." click here.

Lori R. Price
Assistant to the Chair

Citizens For Legitimate Government

June 13, 2002


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