This is a Propaganda War from the Right...
and Americans Are Losing
by Mike Hersh of BushOccupation

from american

Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2001 -- ITEM: Clarence Thomas declared a "culture war" against middle America, with rhetoric borrowed from Patrick Buchanan, Pat Robertson, and "White Power" hate groups.

ITEM: Corporate media blindly supports Bush, despite his disastrous policy proposals and divisive appointments such as Linda Chavez, Gale Norton and John Ashcroft.

The mass media is helping Bush and the right wing minority win with its divide and conquer strategy using the DDT technique, which stands for " distort, distract and trash."

To distract our attention from the real issues, the GOP keeps attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton with lies.

The media just repeats the lies.

The lies distort reality and compel us to play a sick game in which we catch them lying, but by that time they've
moved onto another lie.

Cases in point: there was no mass vandalism at the White House, there was no looting of Air Force One, there was no "bridal registration" for gifts for Hillary Clinton.

Not only are these charges lies, they were in the works for months. This trick is still working for the right wingers, because the corporate media is helping them lie to us.

They now trash President Clinton for his pardons, his search for office space, trumped up BS about vandalism, and who knows what will be next? They trash Democrats for "the politics of personal destruction," when anyone with a grain of objectivity can only fault Democrats for too much obsequiousness to W. Bush, the unqualified, unelected, illegal occupant of the White House.

The truth, and the interests of Americans, are getting buried out there. The mass media is running an ocean of pro-Shrub, anti-republic propaganda. The airwaves, front pages and op-ed sections are packed with hand- wringing over the pardon of Marc Rich.

To me, Marc Rich is "one of theirs." Her is a rich man who traded with Iran just like Ollie North, Bill Casey, and the current Resident Select's own daddy. What if Clinton's pardon was as bad as Bush's father pardoning several Iran Contra criminals to shut down the Lawrence Walsh investigation? We know Poppy Bush did that to obstruct justice, so why no inquiry into that?

And what about that so-called quid-pro-quo in the Clinton pardon of Rich? As far as I'm concerned, I'd LOVE a full inquiry into the whole bipartisan trading with Iran mess -- and let the chips fall where they may. Think there's any chance this latest inquest will look into ALL funny business with Iran? Nope! Not much chance at all. Thing is, what does any of this mean to most Americans, even if the WORST charges against Clinton are true? Not very much.

Why are the media talking heads telling us there is no more important story out there? What about the evidence that the Bush people rewarded their own big money contributors by letting them exploit and cash in on the California power "crisis?" Or that Bush campaign people rewarded some other Republican high rollers by pressuring the Navy into letting civilians ram a submarine into a Japanese boat, killing people?

If the Rich pardon is so bad, why aren't we hearing about Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff's roll in trying to get Rich pardoned? If it's so bad, where is the "body count," like the underreported story about GOP donors driving the submarine? Once again, the right wing is using DDT with the mass media's blessing and cooperation.

The Clinton Hunters are back into their " impeachment" mode. Yet again, arch hypocrites including Arlen "Prosecute Anita Hill / Magic Bullet" Specter, "Pakis-Dan" " Deadbeat Dad" Burton and Bob "Baby Killer" Barr are leading the charge. It's apparently working. No one seems to have much attention left to discuss the right- wing Voodoo Economics tax plan and the rest of their class warfare against the middle class and working families.

Also unnoticed is the neo-confederate assault on the U.S. Constitution, led by Antonin Scalia and the other right- wing extremists on the US Supreme Court.

Author Michael Lind, a recovering right winger, wrote about the ongoing right wing class and culture war vs. the rest of us. Lind covers the this ultraconservative assault on middle America in his book "Up From Conservatism," which he wrote after breaking with his former mentor, William F. Buckley.

Joining Clarence Thomas in his blatant hate speech, TWO Bush cabinet officers -- Ashcroft and Norton -- unabashedly endorse or sugar coat Confederate treason, slavery and segregationist hate. Often the language used -- rhetorical vagaries such as " culture war" -- and the vicious dishonest attacks on moderate institutions
mimics white supremacist, racist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi and KKK propaganda.

Norton calls slavery a "bad fact," and endorses the extreme right wing view against the environment. Ashcroft is such an unreconstructed Confederate, he blocked VOLUNTARY desegregation as an elected official in Missouri.

In this vein, Bush's "faith based" proposals represent an effort to silence and co-opt African- American and other liberal-leaning charities, bribing them with our own money, while showering gifts on the extreme right wing hate movement.

Bush's theft of the election and campaign lies about Clintonomics punished consumer confidence. Already corporations are laying off thousands of Americans, and Bush's "Déjà Voodoo Economics" tax proposals are igniting fears of rampant deficits and out of control interest rates.

Dell Computer Corporation announced 1,700 layoffs Thursday. Those cuts come on the heels of 16,000 cuts at Lucent Technologies; 10,000 at Verizon; 9,370 at Motorola; and 3,000 at Gateway. Goodyear dropped 7,200 yesterday and 10,000 lost jobs at Nortel today. Some 60,000 jobs GONE in a matter of days. Many more will soon follow, because the right wing actually wants a recession to drive down labor costs, and beat the working and middle class into submission.

The right wingers are blaming Bill Clinton for the economy that they themselves are trashing, just as Reagan did to Jimmy Carter. Carter left the economy in better shape than it was after Reaganomics. True, Carter's remedy for the inflation he inherited was the harsh monetarism of Paul Volcker, but it did wring inflation out of the economy without exploding the deficit or unemployment like Reaganomics did.

And Reagan did nothing to stop inflation. His tax cuts and debt tripling deficits increased inflationary pressure and delayed Federal Reserve Board action to increase money supply which lowered interest rates, and sparked one of the most remarkable Keynesian recoveries on record. This only happened after Reaganomics turned an ordinary dip in the business cycle into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a two- year recession during which unemployment averaged nearly 10%!

Why aren't we hearing anything about how badly Voodoo Economics failed during the 1980s? Could it be that the media's owners and the right wing Republicans want their tax cut at any cost? They would rather rehash Clinton pardons and gifts than discuss the double-digit unemployment and the negative real growth that followed Reagan's huge tax cuts.

Under Reaganomics, huge corporations like GM and GE made billions of dollars in profits without paying a dime in taxes, but still laid off hundreds of thousands of workers. Corporate criminals like Archer Daniels Midland MADE money from taxes, but shipped operations and jobs overseas.

All Reagan's generous gifts to the richest and most powerful -- for which we are still paying, with interest -- did not spur recovery. Instead, deficits, debt and unemployment increased, while growth, tax revenues, and investment collapsed. The economy eventually recovered, but only after the Congress pulled the plug on Reagan's disastrous Voodoo Economics.

When was the last time anyone in the mass media told the truth: Reaganomics not only failed to promote saving, investment, growth or revenues -- instead, all these promised benefits tanked?

Bush and the media want their huge tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations, and they don't care how much that will hurt the economy and most Americans, as conservatives and their media partners assure us that somehow, former Texas governor Bush's tax cut for the richest people and the biggest corporations -- which failed so badly last time -- will work this time.

But the result will be federal budget deficits and a damaged economy, just as we saw with Reaganomics. Another recovering Republican, Kevin Phillips explained this in his seminal book, "The Politics of Rich and Poor".

The mass media is working hand in glove with the Bush people to hide the facts from Americans about disastrous and mythological trickle- down economics, predatory social policies, and the "Class and Culture War" hard-righters wage against moderate, working and middle- class Americans.

If Thomas and the others are right, this is a war -- they are the ones waging it and we the people are losing.