Letter To the President

Dear Mr. Bush,

I am extremely concerned with the legitimacy of your presidency, with regards to the way you choose to govern the country. Considering that more people voted for vice-president Al Gore than for you, you should hesitate before pushing your conservative agenda, which misrepresents the liberal majority. More Americans went to the polls to vote for a candidate that would represent liberal views, Gore, than a candidate that represents conservative views, Bush. Given this point, one might say that your right-wing agenda is illegitimate and you have no right to bring on, or sign any conservative legislation.

By immediately outlining your tax cut plan for wealthier citizens, you show that you do not care about the needs of the lower and middle class citizens. You say that the reason for this large tax break is to boost the economy by giving Americans more spending money, so why not give the largest portion to the citizens need it most, the middle and lower class? To me and many more, this tax cut is illegitimate.

Millions of Americans, in fact more Americans went to the polls with the intention of protecting a woman's right to choose, and many other important social issues. With the confirmation of you, Mr. Bush, as president, lots are worried that you will fight against these issues that were protected before under the Clinton administration. Once again, because more people voted for liberal representation, you do not have the right to fight against the majority on these issues.

So my question to you President Bush is this: will you abide by your willingness to throw out partisanship, and will you do your job in representing the majority by forgetting your conservative stand point and working hard for the true majority's issues?

(age 14)