"Let's Suppose. . . "

Let's suppose there was another major political party on the 2000 presidential election ballot. Let's call this party the Black National Party. They were in political control of a pivotal state.

Let's suppose there was a universal voting method of scannable ballots in the entire country during the 2000 presidential election cycle.

Let's suppose ALL polling places uses optical scanners. All parties' candidates were indicated by that party's first initial, i. e. : "R" for Republican, "D" for Democrat, "B" for BNP, etc. . All that was required was for a voter to write in the letter of the party for the candidate he/she chose, one line for each race. The machine read the letter and tallied it for each line. Simple enough.

Let's suppose there had been a glitch in the scanning software in several machines in predominantly Republican districts and the "R" was read as a "B". Additionally, some ballots were rejected as being unreadable and not counted.

An unrealistic number of votes were tabulated to the BNP's candidate and the Republican candidate obviously lost in each of those districts (which also caused his/her loss in that state and therefore the presidency).

Let's suppose the truth came out that the BNP had police set up road blocks in Republican areas to thwart Republicans from reaching polling places. They had police harass and turn Republican voters away. They used a database list obtained from an out-of-state company (which happened to donate to the BNP) to remove voters from the rolls because their names were "similar" to "convicted felons" on the list, although the list was 95% inaccurate. They placed too few machines in heavily populated districts causing people to wait in line for up to 4 hours to vote, which itself caused many to get disgusted and leave without voting. They did not allow election workers to assist voters with problems or questions. They put older machines which had a tendency to break down in Republican-dominated districts. They moved polling places without notifying voters and they shut down polling places early before all the Republican voters had voted.

Let's suppose that state had an election law (code) which stated, ". . . in the event of ballots being rejected and therefore not counted by tabulating machines, the intent of the voter shall be determined by a manual visual inspection of each ballot. . . " No problem. . . the election officials in those districts were required by law to inspect those ballots to determine the intent of the voter and count all ballots.

But wait! The BNP rushed to the various courts from the County level all the way to the USSC to put a stop to the inspections and recount. They got the media to repeat over and over that the Republican Party was trying to steal the election. They used many excuses in their court briefs, twisting and picking apart the laws meant to protect the citizens' right to vote and have them counted. They called these laws unconstitutional, saying the Republican Party was "divining votes" when they held the ballots up so each of the parties' representatives could view the marks (although the BNP had passed the same laws in states where they had BNP governors). The BNP used the excuse that the state law mandating a manual recount would cause "irreparable harm" to their candidate - the BNP would lose in those districts as well as in the state and therefore the presidency. Violations of election laws by the BNP in some districts were called mere "hyper-technicalities". The "equal protection" clause in the U. S. Constitution was twisted and tossed in for good measure. The USSC (which happened to have 5 BNP-appointed justices on it) ruled in favor of the BNP and stops the recount and thereby "awarded" the election to the BNP.

The U. S. media tried to legitimize the outcome of the election by consistently broadcasting BNP-favoring news. The rest of the world knew there was a coup and did not hestitate to say so.

Let's suppose the election happened that way. What would the Republican Party have done? What would the citizens of this country have done?

Exactly what we're doing now - fighting the illegal occupancy of the current mis-administration! We're not laying down and rolling over, so get over it!

James F. Pasquini
Citizens for Legitimate Government