Citizens for Legitimate Government, a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush Coup d'Etat and oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Letters to Editor

From: D.
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007 1:36 PM
Subject: Re: Breaking: Top General Tried to Warn Bush on Tillman

What do you have to do in this country to be impeached?

From: Lori R. Price
To: D.
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Breaking: Top General Tried to Warn Bush on Tillman

Have consensual sex with an adult.
Lori Price


Dear CLG:

I love your information and am 100% in support of you.

I should like to point out an error you made that is typical of critics who have received very little accurate information on the truth about the brain.

As a published neuroscientist for 43 years, let me assure you that there is less than a shred of evidence to support the model of the human brain justifying the poisoning of millions of children with drugs.

The drug companies subsidize the neuroscientists to create a brain that is receptive to drugs, or rather a receptacle for drugs.

Hence you cannot trust neuroscientists to be fair and unbiased when it comes to the brain. Nor -- and here I am going to touch on your recent item -- can you trust them to discard intelligent design without testing it in the laboratory.

Instead of accepting at face value how random mutation and natural selection are the source for the human mind, I am investigating the geometry and transformations of chemical activity in the human brain stem creating human dreams and emotions.

What I have found and am writing about is a level of order to unconscious activity, product of the brain stem, that makes scientists gasp. Yes, the brain stem operations may be the work of what Richard Dawkins calls "the blind watchmaker," but please keep your mind open as have many people of faith that scientists subsidized by the drug companies may have gotten it wrong, and, believe it or not, certain writers in the holy scriptures may have gotten in right about the workings of the human mind.

Please don't turn over the future of the world to scientists who through learned ignorance and arrogance in the promotion of drugs have killed hundreds of thousands more than succumbed on 9/11.

Most cordially,

David Alan Goodman, Ph.D.
Escondido CA

December 26, 2004

Subject: Fan Mail

Thank you for spreading the truth about the awful lies that the administration has told about the war on Iraq. Your site has more info than any other I have seen and has kept me informed when I was at a loss for a reliable source of what was really going on. Keep up the good work.


Jamie Clemons
Aurora, IL
May 5, 2003

Subject: y'all rock !!

y'all rock !! may g-d bless you for your noble work, uphill climb though it may appear, as it will probably take 2 to 3 generations of *legitimately* elected dem presidents to fix this mess created by bozo the clown. although these days may seem dark indeed, have faith in the almighty as happy days will be here soon (why else did jebbie's jet get struck by lightning and dictator bu$h's approval rating fall below 50% ??) although i am no vanderbilt or rockefeller, i will contribute modest amounts to your just and noble cause as often as i can.

may g-d bless you and your work. respectfully submitted,

Kyle Steven Lall
Kissimmee, FL

February 28, 2003

Ms. Price:

by all means do so [publish my letter]. you could use my full name Kyle Steven Lall, Kissimmee FL (10 miles from mickey lol) and yes i receive your awesome newsletter - possibly the only thing of merit in my inbox !!

Subject: Breaking News and Commentary, January 27, 2003, note on Javier Solana

Dear Michael,

I am an avid reader of your CLG newsletter and website, providing everyone interested in the truth with invaluable in-depth information!

In the media, I have read about Javier Solana's assessment several times (see below) - interestingly, I have never read the special note that Javier Solana was NATO's Secretary General from 1995 to 1999, the highest position within the NATO organization (see, the military organization(!) that is and always has been dominated by the USA.

I believe that most people are not aware of this fact, and I think it would emphasize again, that the isolation of the Bush dictatorship is not reflected - as it has been commonly described in the media - in a rift between Europe and the USA (actually, not at all "the" USA, since the Bush "administration" can in no way arrogate to represent the USA), but between most of the people and political organizations all over the world and the Bush junta.

Best wishes for you and your team from good "old Europe" ;-D


Hauke Fischbeck
(Berlin, Germany**)
* Probably soon to become part of the "axis of evil" LOL

January 28, 2003

[Here is the CLG news item to which Hauke referred:]

Subject: 01-27 W-ar opposition edges higher
Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government, January 27, 2003

...War is not justified, EU chief tells US and Britain "Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, said yesterday that public opinion in Europe was overwhelmingly opposed to military action in Iraq and urged the US and Britain not to launch a campaign without wider international support." ...

Letter from Friends of Thomas Paine member thanking the CLG for doing Paine's work.

To Michael Rectenwald,

Member & vice-pres., Joyce Chumbley, of Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. sent your Website on to us (us = Irwin & Martha Spiegelman). CLG is doing Paine's work.
BRAVO. The TPF, Inc. Website is very modest in size & splash, but we hope you will go to it and will find something of interest there.

We'll get to more of the CLG links soon. Many thanks for analysis of the state of the onion bushwa.


Irwin & Martha Spiegelman
Amherst, MA

January 30, 2003

Subject: Thank you!


Thank you for providing free access to a wide variety of important news stories from around the web. Since the coup d'etat, I've been re-evaluating my political beliefs. In the honest pursuit of alternatives to the two major big business parties, I came across the Socialist Equality Party. This party is in political solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International--producers of the World Socialist Web Site. Legitgov has regularly linked to articles from that site. For that, I specifically thank you.


Craig Kaufman
Reno, Nevada
January 6, 2003

Lori, thank you.

Lori, the right wing conservatives may call you foul names, but you're an angel to me, a real sweetheart. Thank you for all your work toward saving our nation and our world. Joe

Joe Forgy
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 21, 2002

Thanks to CLG, the bells of freedom continue to chime

"[For details on the sniper, troll Karl Rove's covert employee roster. There is no further talk of Enron, the economy, 401K disasters, Cheney's Energy Task Force, the dismantled 9/11 commission, suspension of Posse Comitatus -- it's sniper TV, 24/7! And if there are more shootings, will Rumsfel clos the I 95 corridor into DC for the 10/26 protest?]

Court Orders Vice pResident Cheney to Turn Over Documents in Energy Task Force Case Cheney lawyer admits Vice pResident's office has not searched for documents despite months of litigation - Judge calls revelation "Startling"

Diane Shatin
Levittown, Pennsylvania
October 18, 2002


Good morning. I want to say, again, how great your "Breaking News and Commentary" is. I read it every day before I look at the print newspapers. Are you coming to DC on October 26?

The Baltimore Sun has a very well written op ed piece this morning.

Here's the link: printstory.jsp?slug=bal%2Dpe%2Ecrisis13oct13

It is calm, methodical, and clear. I think it needs to be widely read. Maybe you could include it on your site.

After a day or two of extreme depression about the pro-war vote, and worrying about the safety of my daughter from the sniper, I am beginning to feel that the tide is turning. The public is STRONGLY against this war, despite what the government media is trying to tell us. Just remember, they spent two years trying to convince us that Clinton's sex life represented a threat to national security. Their campaign was unprecedented in history, with front page and lead story attacks that went on day after day, month after month, AND THEY STILL LOST!

Keep the faith, and I hope to see you in DC.

Jonathan Inskeep
Crofton, Maryland. It is about in the middle of the triangle formed by Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis.
October 14, 2002

Your work is IMMENSELY appreciated. If all of us who care about humanity did one one hundredth of what you do, we would sweep these creatures out of Washington with the autumn leaves.

David Cogswell
Hoboken, N.J.
October 7, 2002

A Disgusted Earthling

Ground Control to Major Tom

Radio Address by Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle
We Must Combat Bioterrorism and Provide Economic Stimulus
Thursday, October 25, 2001

Hello, this is Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

Many things about America changed on Sept. 11. One thing that changed -- for the better -- is the way Washington works. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are working together, and Congress is working with White House. Itís not always easy, but it is one of the reasons I believe we have been able to respond so quickly to the September 11th attacks, and the ongoing terrorist threat....

Dear Tom,

How is putting us in an undefined, unlimited and illegal war against the world's poorest nation, killing uncounted women and children and destroying Red Cross supplies, "change for the better"? How is Congress voting to give a blank check for military operations to a fascist and co-opted White House resident who usurped his office, good? How is the bipartisan vote for corporate welfare for the airlines, and thoughts of giving the same to the insurance industry, something for the average American to cheer about? And finally, how the hell is your voting away our Bill of Rights under the guise of "anti-terrorism", and, as you point out, "so quickly", anything that you should be proud of, or have the nerve to try to sell to us as "bipartisanship"?

You're as bad as those flag-waving commercials, telling us it's our patriotic duty to buy, buy, buy a polluting SUV, NOW.

Go sell your tainted, amoral, pathetic goods somewhere else, because we're not buying them here on Earth. You might try burying them somewhere, and becoming a bona fide Democrat again. "Bipartisanship" implies TWO parties (that's what "bi" means, Tom, as in "bisexual"), and currently there is only one - the "Kiss Bush's ass because I'm covering my own" party.


Disgusted Earthling

-Monday, October 29, 2001 at 21:01:03 (EST)


An MSNBC report this morning quoting White House source. "We are positive there has been no Anthrax contamination in the White House because there has been no mail delivery to the White House since September 11". Does anyone else find it strange that while no other American had any idea that the next attack on our safety would come through the mail Our pResident stopped his mail delivery?

-Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 13:24:49 (EDT)


OK OK, first we have Trafficant who licked the balls of the right wing.. voting with them on every issue that put us in this mess( still going to jail) then we had TORCHicelli, he also licked em up good(almost went to jail) BACUS, ummm seems he is whining that the RIGHT WINGERS are sending out the troops to STEAL HIS SEAT .....oooooo all that lickin... and look where it got him! Zell Miller the ZellOUT doing his best to keep his tongue in a forward licking motion.. we are yet to find out WHY then how bout those Louisiana TWINS the Senators who are wearing the GRAY COATS... vote most of the time with the idiot select gang of THUGS..... giving us this great TAX CUT and now the TERRORISM BILL... ummm wonder what the Lickees have on those two? How bout that dumb blond from ARKANSAS??? she has been a lickin a-lot-lately!
how bout that little one armed bandit parading around as a Democrat... Max.. o isn't he a HOOT... wonder dear wonder what the right wingers have on him.....maybe he wasn't such a hero in Vietnam after all???
Condit....the most famous of them all... he voted with his buddies in GRAY all the way.. 97% of the time.. Did the Lickees have the goods on his zipper? were they blackmailing him??? what ever happened to Chandra Levy.... ah no one really cared after all ......did they?
When will they learn ..... these TRAITOR TO THE PARTY demoCRAPS! if they would have voted lockstep ..... we all wouldn't be in this mess!

NOW it is BIDENS TURN......O YEAH....he made a comment about the war.....that wasn't a ball licking comment approved by the Spin doctors at the BLACKED OUT WHITE HOUSE..
and now he is going down big time. He will be the next Senator on the Dem side to get his PINK SLIP from the GOP controlled white powder brigade!
so if you are a Democrat.... and your tongue is sore from all that GOPer Ball Licking.... and you are so so tired of that BROWN NOSE you are getting.... take heed.. if you wait a bit longer .. your turn will be next!
We can't embarrass these people, They are in total power! as long as our Congress is beyond reach from the people they will never know what we feel .... what we want! This is the time that the Gopers are forcing the Senate to shove through dozens of Judges without even the slightest hearing_ being pushed through quickly.. so they can get all their DUCKS IN A ROW!

when GWB the idiot (who has been thinking way too much lately) signs this new TERRORISM BILL we the little worker bees have had it!
My suggestion to all Democrats in Congress......tell these WAR MONGERS to go straight to hell and shove it up their collective asses...
find out why gwb was really in FLORIDA READING TO THE LITTLE CHILDREN.... why was he so calm when he was told .....?

cuz he already knew about it..... didn't he?
nuff rant
"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot
easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."-12/18/00
GWB the Idiot sELECT
"Dictatorship would be a heck of alot easier." -GWB, 7/26/01
That is twice he has told us!

-Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 12:48:07 (EDT)

Josh S.

Thanks for posting your interview to the Maria Heller show.

One remark you made about not sending your son off to Bush's ridiculous war is understandable. But it is also an attitude that could be lethal in the long run. If all the people with sense like yourself refused to allow their sons to join the armed forces or send them in then we're in real trouble. Because who ends up with all the big guns?

Wouldn't these be the kind of people who would not think twice about turning on their own people to follow orders because they are trained to worship symbols instead of what the symbols mean? This is not as far fetched as I would like for it to be. But if the nation ever spiraled into a civil war I would be more assured knowing that children whose parents taught them to think critically and freely and respect human rights would be around to be on our side. The side which will do anything they are told (including turning on their own parents and brothers and sisters) because they are susceptible to brainwashing and hungry for that seductive power only blind hate and self-righteous impunity can give, will be the enemy -- a kind not so unfamiliar to history.

It is disturbing to hear the American soldiers in Afghanistan utter their robotic mantra on the mainstream media "We're fighting evil" as they shell up their gun plane to move some rubble and inflict "collateral damage".

You can't fight "evil" with bullets any more than you can fight a dust storm with swords. Having a Commander in Chief who commits our powers to such a battle is unspeakably disturbing and progressively immoral because we inevitably slaughter those who are caught in the wind and are as blinded by it as we are.

Back to the homeland: If you are with the armed forces (and I hope there are some folks from the armed forces who read sites like CLG), would you turn on your own parents and brothers and sisters with your weapons and force if all of a sudden their activities were identified as "terroristic" and you, using your objective thinking, believe that the judgment is beyond doubt unreasonably severe? Would you surrender your weapon and go to prison with them? Would you help them hide? Would you stand up for them and convince your friends that there is a serious problem? Or do you turn coldly aside as they are carted off to a concentration camp?

It is disturbing to see what is happening around us. The ominous, indefinite presence of military check points. I grew up in the Philippines through the end of the Marcos era and was naturalized as an American Citizen. I remember, as an 8 year old child, having to duck down under the car seats as we passed through a military check point after curfew under martial law. When a government destabilizes, life is never the same again.

The destabilization of this government started in the last election. Our only protection against terrorism, which belongs to no race, nation or religion, is having a country that understands how to lead in the 21st century, not just how to hobble around like a gunslinger in the Old West.

I was glad I taped the C-Span review of Bill Clinton's last days in office. Seeing old Bill biking around the White House and Kevin Spacey taking back his Oscar was a hoot. Bill may have not been the most moral or the best president. But he was truly a leader. I don't understand how leadership transitioned so radically: one minute we were being led by a hopelessly charming, two-timin' dad who, despite his problems, performed respectably and obsessively in his job. That WAS America -- powerful, yet likeable, RESPECTABLE and INTELLIGENT to many. It was an America who could listen and know its place in the rest of the world. However illusory it might have been, there always seemed to be hope around the corner for everyone.

The next minute... There was nothing more terrifying than watching Bush groping for words and propping himself up on his desk on September 11.

That is how hope ends and terror begins. Later he gave the order for the air strikes then played golf while the old American way of life burned somewhere on an invisible screen.


-Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 12:43:44 (EDT)

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