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Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Yes, Gore DID win!

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The Purge and Other Crimes

Scalia On Bush v. Gore: Get Over It! --Supreme Court Justice Tells CBS It's Nonsense to Say the Decision Was Politically Motivated 24 Apr 2008 People who believe the U.S. Supreme Courtís decision giving the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush was politically motivated should just get over it, says Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia denies that the controversial decision coup d'etat was political. [No, maggot, we don't 'get over' a coup. Moreover, we won't put up with a third one, already simmering nicely on the Reverend Wright-flag pin back burner. --LRP]

U.S. media have lost the will to dig deep By Greg Palast 27 Apr 2007 Back in December 2000, I received two computer disks from the office of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Analysis of the data, plus documents that fell my way, indicated that Harris' office had purged thousands of African Americans from Florida's voter rolls as "felons." Florida now admits that many of these voters were not in fact felons. Nevertheless, the blacklisting helped cost Al Gore the White House. I reported on the phony felon purge in Britain's Guardian and Observer and on the BBC while Gore was still in the race, while the count was still on. Yet the story of the Florida purge never appeared in the U.S. daily papers or on television. Until months later, that is, after the Supreme Court had decided the election, when it was picked up by the Washington Post and others. U.S. papers delayed the story until the U.S. Civil Rights Commission issued a report saying our Guardian/BBC story was correct... At that point, protected by the official imprimatur, American editors felt it safe enough to venture out with the story. But by then, George W. Bush could read it from his chair in the Oval Office.

First, see the original reporting of the Purge by Greg Palast, then, see the mainstream coverage, below.

While Republicans were saying that discerning the "intent of the voters" was a 'Carnac the Magician' routine, vote-counters in G.O.P. counties not only discerned the intents of the voters, they RECREATED ABSENTEE BALLOTS based on their discernment of that intent. Ten thousand ballots were RECREATED this way. Absentee votes went to Bush by a ratio of 2:1. That's a net of 3,300 votes for Bush! How do you spell hypocrisy??? Answer: G. O. P.

Strong evidence of vote tampering with absenttee ballots in Escambia County

The Washington Post finally revealed to the mainstream: As we've known for six months, 18 counties never did mandatory MACHINE recount--illegal; voter purge--illegal; Butterfly Ballot cost Gore 6,500--illegal; write-in double votes not counted--illegal; missing motor voters; some counties no bilingual ballots--illegal; late military ballots counted, and some without post-marks counted--illegal; Says Clay Roberts, 'It's an odd way to run a government.' It's more than "odd," Mr. Roberts, it's ILLEGITIMATE! Harris should have been fired and charged with violations of Voting Rights and Civil Rights--not promoted by the G.O.P. A full-scale Senate investigation should proceed as soon as Democrats take the Senate.

Gregory Palast's Purge Story in the Washington Post

Florida Net Too Wide in Purge of Voter Rolls --LA Times, 21 May 2001

Florida's botched voter purge --Effort to eliminate ineligible voters denied some voting rights --MSNBC, citing Washington Post, 31 May 2001

Vote Fraud in Tennessee: Worse than Florida?

Rampant errors, ironies mark Florida's ballot-count crisis --Miami Herald, 06 Apr 2001

Recounts could have given Gore the edge --Miami Herald, 05 Apr 2001

Republican witch-hunt over military ballots incites anti-Gore comments from officer corps By Patrick Martin 01 Dec 2000

Punch-card counties excluded from study USA Today

Election 2000: Despite chorus of critics, media press on with vote-counting story --Palm Beach Post

Racial divide Bush won because hundreds of African-Americans in Florida weren't allowed to vote. Now he's got to live with the consequences.

Michael Rectenwald's letter to a freeper who wants us to forget about the coup

Open Letter to a Freeper: to a Republican who said our site must be some kind of joke (Read it and WEEP) --by Michael Rectenwald

The Nation Investigation: Florida Officials Shut Out Tens of Thousands of Black Voters on Election Day

Common Dreams Preview of above Nation article

Whose Votes Don't Count?: An Analysis of Spoiled Ballots in the 2000

Independent Professor's Study Supports CRC Report's Findings of Disenfranchisement in Florida "Election".

Study shows that 'felon' purge affected Florida outcome The Smirking Chimp, May 21, 2001 

Are you a felon? Florida suit shows how wrong data can be On DBT, January 20, 2001

Carnegie Mellon Professor professor plots graf, er, graph for Palm Beach County Vote


"Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election." What They Did Last Fall By Paul Krugman 19 Aug 2005 "In his recent book 'Steal This Vote' - a very judicious work, despite its title - Andrew Gumbel, a U.S. correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent, provides the best overview I've seen of the 2000 Florida vote. And he documents the simple truth: 'Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election.' ...Our current political leaders would suffer greatly if either house of Congress changed hands in 2006, or if the presidency changed hands in 2008. The lids would come off all the simmering scandals, from the selling of the Iraq war to profiteering by politically connected companies. The Republicans will be strongly tempted to make sure that they win those elections by any means necessary."

[Proof of Coup 2000!] When five voted for millions --by Robyn E. Blumner "One of the darkest hours in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court was Dec. 12, 2000, at 10 p.m., when the five-member conservative majority handed the presidency to George W. Bush over his rival Al Gore... Reporter David Margolick headed a writing team that spoke with a number of former Supreme Court clerks who were there when the Bush case came before the court... Margolick reports that Justice Antonin Scalia was so anxious to shut the recount down that he pressured his colleagues to do so even before the Gore legal team had a chance to respond. That didn't happen, but consideration of the matter was moved up to the next morning. On the 9th, a stay was issued. According to Margolick, the court's more conservative members, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Justices Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, quickly started 'sending around memos to their colleagues, each of them offering a different rationale for ruling in Bush's favor.' They were 'auditioning arguments,' Margolick wrote. During the first go-round, Margolick reports, an O'Connor clerk told fellow clerks that 'O'Connor was determined to overturn the Florida decision and was merely looking for grounds.' This was a court unhinged from the law, operating in a purely political guise, bereft of legitimacy."

Coup 2K By John Dee "It was the Republicans who first bandied the term 'coup d'etat' to describe the 2000 presidential election. Since then, many have turned the tables and labeled Bush's victory a coup. But how much of this is merely political rhetoric?" (2001)

The Florida overvote: Tragic mistake, or Katherine Harris with tweezers? By sharmanbraff[at] April 15, 2001 "'You say overvote, I say Katharine Harris with tweezers' (from a website I could not find again or Iíd give credit)"

Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud --The Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun Volusia Co. Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud --by Alastair Thompson "'Deland, Fla., Nov. 11 - Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county's Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore's count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000--all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters.' -- Washington Post Sunday , November 12, 2000 ; Page A22..." [On page A-22! Only that the resident is a complete fraud as proven fifteen other ways, and it was buried on A-22!!!! This country is a rat-hole. --Michael Rectenwald]

Miami Herald headline article of April 5, in which the real recount total is revealed a day after the misleading headline. (The real total had also been buried in the story of the day before).

Here's what Tom Fiedler of the Miami Herald acknowledged and quoted as the fundamental fact in the Herald's reporting of the recount: "[I]f the recount had been started from scratch in each of Florida's 67 counties, The Herald concluded, 'Gore would be in the White House today.'" Published in the Miami Herald, Sunday, April 8, 2001. Click here to read the whole article, entitled, " Votes aren't sacred," by Tom Fiedler.

The Florida Count Continues (Herald's real total made clear) Washington Post

"Lost" Votes and a Stolen Election, by Paul Lukasiak, with Maia Cowan: Elections officials in Republican-controlled Florida counties omitted potentially thousands of votes from their certified totals. The ballot designs in these counties encouraged voters to both mark a listed candidate and write in the same candidate's name. Such votes were rejected as overvotes although they are defined by law as valid votes that should be counted. The Florida Secretary of State failed in her duties regarding the conduct of elections by certifying vote totals that did not include these votes.

New York Post Review: Gore could have gained votes...

USA Today [Link Killed] Punch-card counties excluded from study

Gore would have gained votes in Lake County: GOP illegally tossed votes for Gore

Bush picked up 176 votes that lacked postmarks Bowing to demands from George W. Bush's campaign that military ballots should be counted no matter how they arrived, several Florida county canvassing boards tallied the overseas ballots regardless of whether they bore the requisite postmark. Since Bush carried the overseas vote by nearly 2 to 1, the disputed ballots may have added significantly to the razor-thin margin of 537 votes by which he carried Florida and thus ensured his s-election.

As if we didn't know, The Washington Post reports on the advanced release of the Civil Rights Commission Report: "Florida's conduct of the 2000 presidential election was marked by 'injustice, ineptitude and inefficiency' that unfairly penalized minority voters, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has concluded in a report that criticizes top state officials -- particularly Gov. Jeb Bush and Secretary of State Katherine Harris -- for allowing disparate treatment of voters."

Palm Beach Post --links to 2000 s-election killed that covered:

  • More on the Florida Vote
  • Butterfly ballot lawsuits wouldn't fly
  • How we did it
  • Over-votes cost Gore the election in FL
  • Lack of voter education
  • Cast your vote on election mishap in Florida

"WHOOPS": How The Networks Got It Wrong Problem Polling Policy -- by Michael Hammerschlag "Meanwhile, hard by the lush Ocala National Forest, 20 miles west of Daytona in Deland, a silver, battery-powered credit card-sized memory card in an Election System AccuVote 2000 optical ballot-scanning machine had lost its mind, recording negative 16,022 Gore votes, 2813! extra Bush votes, and 9,880 votes for the Socialist Workers candidate in one Volusia Co. precinct (#216) that had only 585 registered voters (the SW, James Harris, got only 11,000 votes nationwide). Volusia election supervisor Deanie Lowe recited, "Our county attorney came to me and said, 'I just saw the craziest thing: Gore's total went backward' I said 'You're tired, you're not seeing it right, that's impossible'." The Deland machine "didn't upload [over phone lines], so they brought the whole machine into the office ... (took) out the card ... and we directly uploaded into the computer." At 10:02 p.m., the machine dumped its corrupted contents: +19,000 net erroneous votes for Bush into the Volusia computer. Volusia was instantly posting their numbers on their county Web site, which they "shut down around 11-12pm. We think VNS was picking it up from the Daytona News/Journal site that had taken it off of ours," Lowe clarified Dec 22. The County stopped updating their web site and we were left with the incorrect numbers till the next morning, said the News/Journal s Matt Grimison, who was stationed in Deland, the Volusia seat. VNS apparently entered Volusia's wacky numbers at 2:08 a.m. into their (and the networks) system, helping cause a 21,000-vote net rise in Bush's lead. Delayed 4 hours, they must have known those numbers were suspect since they revealed a large vote drop for Gore that should have triggered human and computer alarms, as instantly happened in Duval Co.. Lowe continued: "We discovered what the problem was; after they [the manufacturers in Dallas] walked us through the process, we fed the ballots through a different machine, we then hand counted them ... we backed out the bad figures ... and ... put in the good figures" and transmitted the corrected results to Florida Election Hdqtrs. around 2:50 a.m., too late to stop the greatest broadcast error in history."

Even Bush lawyer Barry Richard disagrees with Supreme Injustices' decision to stop the vote-counting --"I think that stay did more damage to the US Supreme Court than anything they did," Richard said. "They wanted to protect themselves [against having a recount declare Gore the winner before they invalidated the recount]. I think it was a mistake." That is to say, they didn't want to have to overturn what they KNEW would be a recount favoring Gore. In other words, they DECIDED IN ADVANCE that BUSH MUST WIN, regardless of the FACTS! Bugliosi is right: The FIVE are CRIMINALS and belong BEHIND BARS!!!!! WE DEMAND IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!!

Regarding the Miami Herald's misleading headline...

Letter to Marty Merzer of the Miami Herald: "Who Won," in Context By Michael Rectenwald

"Lost" Votes and a Stolen Election By Paul Lukasiak, with Maia Cowan 10 Mar 2001

Heraldgate redux By Paul Lukasiak April 2001

Telling lies in America: The Miami Herald Overvote Analysis, Part 1: Choose Your Conclusion, Then Skew the Facts to Fit By Paul Lukasiak, with Maia Cowan and Nina Mollett 14 May 2001

Action Alert (April 11, 2001) USA Today Conceals Key Information in Recount Story FAIR says: "USA Today conceals key information in recount story"

McAuliffe Challenges "Partial" Recount Study Headline -- "If all the ballots were counted Gore would have won Florida"

W's Latest Unjust Reward

How the Miami Herald Lied About Their Own Recount By Paul Lukasiak 09 Apr 2001

The Recount story the Miami Herald is burying

This morning's headlines in the Miami Herald read: Herald ballot review shows Bush retaining lead. That is a twisting of the facts. You have to read the whole story to get even part of the real picture, and they buried this extremely important article. editorial on this gross case of media bias

MSNBC analysis --Latest media recount effort clouds the real issues in Florida balloting

In regards to the Miami Herald recount reports

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